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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jshan, Nov 2, 2015.

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    Just moved to FLA and only ISP option is Litestream. House is fiber optic. Have a Premiere 4 and multiple minis but can't get the Premiere to connect to TiVo service. I keep getting error messages ranging from 02, 07, 011, etc.. I'm not familiar with the fiber optic set-up. The installer told me it should automatically be MoCA when I asked him but he didn't seem too sure. Didn't know much about TiVo. I am usually pretty good with this stuff. I've tried restarting everything. I tried to repeat guided setup and oops!! now I'm really stuck. Computer and AirPort Extreme in office. HDTV and TiVo in family room. Tried using a TiVo Wireless N (setup successful on computer) and can't get a connection. Internet works fine on all other sources. TVs connected without TiVo work fine. Any ideas?
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    What is the IP address of your router you are currently using?
    What are the full error codes the Tivo is giving? Is it Nxx? just 02, 07 does not explain it.

    Under Setting / Network / View Network Status, What does it say for DNS Server and Gateway Servers?
    Is it the same IP address as your router? If not, go back to previous screen (left arrow) and choose Change Network Settings / Modify ....... Settings to change the DNS and Gateway servers to the router's IP address.
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    Always give everything on your home network that doesn't leave the house a fixed IP address that lies outside of your router's DHCP address pool.

    And said pool doesn't need to be any larger than the number of things on the network that do leave the house, plus maybe 2 to 5 more for the unforseen.

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