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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jdancona, May 27, 2007.

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    I have comcast cable and the wire coming from the wall has 2 wires. the instructions for hooking up tivo assumes only one cable wire. I am not sure how to hook up the 2 wires. has anyone encountered this? thanks
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    Tell us more about the signals on those two cables? Do they normally connect to an "A:B" switch? Does each cable have different channels on it? Try connecting it directly to your TV to see.

    Some cable systems used to carry different channels on each of the two cables, but that's becoming rare these days. If your is one of those systems, then you'll need to use your cable company's digital cable box with your Tivo.
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    From the FAQ:

    --What about my A/B cable system?

    TiVo does not current support A/B cable systems (where the signals come in on two separate cables, and the channels are split up between the two cables). Apparently, the A/B analog systems are considered too old-fashioned to support, as they are being phased out in favor of digital cable.

    <boywaja> My own cable system uses two cables, but it is combined by the cable box and it isn't a problem.

    henryhank has posted one partial work-around, involving running the A channel into TiVo's RF for the unscrambled channels, and the B line through the cable box and into a VCR (using it as a cheap tuner - you could also use a demodulator) to convert RF to audio/video output which is connected to TiVo's A/V inputs, then configuring those to use a satellite provider, and selecting only channels that appear on your B side.
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    You hook up the one cable you would sooner record, or use an A/B cable box that maps the channels on each to normal numbers the TiVo can tune.

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