Connecting to TIVO - problem. Solution?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jnoggle, Jan 16, 2006.

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    We recently purchased TIVO for my girlfriend's parents and we're having problem after problem when it comes to connecting. The first day when we downloaded the program list and such it took around 10-15 tries (which is 5-6 hours) to finally go through. We switched numbers and tried everything. Now less than 2 weeks later we have to update again. The problem is everytime we try we get disconnected for random reasons. We currently have a wireless router in the house for DSL and I'm going to try and set it up through the network. How easy is this to do? Tomorrow I'm going out to buy a wireless adapter (any in particular that i need?) and I'm going to plug into the back and try and connect that way. Does it matter which router I use in connection to the adapter and what information do I need to connect to the network? Just the router password or login which I read somewhere on here? I'm sure that can be found through some control panel on the computer. Any help on the matter would be appreciated. It's getting to be a hassle to try and connect - not worth it. So hopefully wireless will fix this problem. Thanks.
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    Got a filter on the phone line that the Tivo is connected to?

    I just purchased one of the Tivo wireless G adapters and had no problem getting it going. I found it to be a lot less technical than I expected. the only thing I actually needed to know was the password for the router.

    Here's the official list of compatible adapters.

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