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  1. hoosxj

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    Jul 19, 2004


    i've been trying for two days now to get my tivo hooked up to my wireless network via a Netgear WGR614 v4 that i'm using as a wireless access point. my main DHCP/internet router is a linksys WRT54G. the tivo is connected to the Netgear router via a wired USB adapter. here's my problem:

    i've configured the Netgear router as a WAP per the instructions on the Netgear website ( but every time i try to connect the tivo, i get a "gateway not found" error. likewise, when i set it to automatically acquire an IP address, i get "no DHCP server found".

    i've been to just about every forum i can find looking for help, but to no avail. it seems the problem is that every walkthrough i find assumes the router is wired and the access point is wireless. but both routers on my network are wireless.

    if anyone has any experience w/ linking a wireless access point to a wireless router and making the DHCP work, i'd greatly appreciate it.

  2. DaddyBC

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    Aug 21, 2005
    First make sure the USB adapter is compatible with the Tivo.

    I would make sure that it all works with a computer before hooking it up to the Tivo.
    Make sure you don't have your computer connected wired or wirelessly. Hook up the USB adapter to your computer and to your Netgear. get everything setup and working this way first. . Then move it to your Tivo.
  3. hitech_rednek

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    Apr 30, 2005
    Eastern PA
    Let me see if I have this right:

    Internet/PC(s) <--wired--> WRT54G <~~wireless~~> WGR614 <--wired--> USB eth <==> TiVo

    So you're trying to use the WGR614 not as an access point but a wireless bridge to connect wired device(s) on the WGR over wireless to the WRT/LAN/Internet, is that correct?

    If this is correct, the first as DaddyBC said, is your USB adapter supported by TiVo (let's assume "yes")....can you run a wire from that directly to the WRT and get a DHCP address? Can you plug a PC/laptop into the WGR and get connected?

    An access point is usually just a bridge from wireless --> wired but only in that direction. A wireless router is a combination of router and access point in one box. If you want to use an access point or router to create a wireless "bridge" from one wired network to another, both boxes need to support WDS (Wireless Distribution System), i.e. the WGR has to appear as a client to the WRT, and allow bridging of multiple other devices (MAC addresses) across that bridge to the router.

    The only configuration (other than very expensive ones) that I'm sure of that support this are some of the Belkin routers, maybe the WRT54 with third-party firmware, and maybe then only with another WRT54G or other Linksys device as the 'client'.

    There is a lot on this topic in this thread:
  4. sageone

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    Feb 23, 2005
    This might sound very simple, but unplug your adpater from your tivo and reboot the tivo. Plug the adapter back in and then try it. You might also want to try and cycle down your router. Also check any windows firewall or other firewall type of apps that might be blocking the tivo from connecting.
  5. hoosxj

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    Jul 19, 2004


    well, i've had no luck getting the netgear to connect. so i think i'm just going to get a linksys WGA54G wireless bridge/gaming adapter and use it with my old linksys hub. i'd hoped to not have to buy any more crap for my network, but i guess i can sell all the stuff i don't need anymore on ebay. thanks goodness i got a bunch of best buy gift cards for xmas too.

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