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    I have a similar setup with the TiVo being fed from a down converted HD box. The basic trick is to always use the TiVo to switch channels and then switch to the live HD signal when you want to watch the HD feed. The only annoyance I have is that TiVo occasionally wants to change channels in the middle of a long program (such as sports) and you never know because the confirmation only shows up on the TiVo input not the HD input.

    As for recording two different programs you need to have a S2 dual tuner with analog cable in addition to your digital input to be able to record one SD show and watch another HD show.
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    Try connecting the coax cable directly to your TV, with neither the HD set-top box nor the Tivo in the line. Go into setup on the TV and tell it to search for channels. You should get quite a few channels that way, although the channel numbers may bear no resemblance to the usual cable numbers for the same channel. At least some of the channels will be in HD. You won't get HBO or any channels that require separate unscrambling, but you'll get a fair number of choices, I bet. It worked for me on Comcast, at least.

    Once you know that works, you need to configure things so that option remains available. Use a two way splitter (3-way and more leaves a much weaker signal, which can cause other problems) to set one signal straight to the TV, and one to the HD box.

    You'll then use two outputs from the HD box; send one to the TV (use HDMI cable if possible); while sending TIVO an analog feed with red and white outputs for audio, and either the yellow output or (slightly better) the S-video output for video.

    Send the TIVO output to another TV input via R&W audio and yellow or S-video.

    In this way your TV has a complete digital feed from the set-top box, a pretty good digital feed straight from the cable, and a complete analog feed (lesser quality audio and noticably less quality video) from the TIVO.

    If you are not recording something, watch TV via the cable box. If you are recording something, watch TV through the coax feed and figure out where the channel you want went to. Watch thru TIVO only when viewing something you've recorded on same.

    You'll need to learn how to configure the IR blasters so that TIVO can control the cable box, but thats an issue for a different note topic.

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