Connect S2 to Motorola HD box and HDDTV

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by alfordsteven, Aug 14, 2007.

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    (I've searched the posts for an answer but haven't found one.)

    I had a S2 Toshiba DVD burner with Comcast Digital Cable. With that set up I split the signal to the TV and to the Tivo. I now have a HDTV and a Motorola/Comcast HD/DVR box with HD channels available (all ten of them, heh-heh). I want to keep the split signal so I can record non-HD programs onto the S2 Tivo. The connections have changed both on the rear of the cable box as well as (of course) the TV (for example, the IR blaster cord I have won't work with the cable box, as there is no RS-232 port). Any recommendations or links regarding how best to set up the Tivo to connect to the HDTV and preserve an input for Tivo non-HD recording?

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    I think the best setup would be to get a another cable box for your TiVo to control and then connect your TiVo and the cable DVR separately to your TV.

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    This is what I used before the S3:

    Wall to Cablebox -- coax

    Cablebox to HDTV -- optical audio and DVI [this was used to watch HD "live"]

    Cable box to TiVo -- S-Video and R/W audio

    TiVo to AV receiver (or to TV) -- S-Video and R/W audio.

    When the cablebox does not have a RS-232 port for channel changing you must use the TiVo IR emitter cable -- RCA mini-plug goes into TiVo (make sure you use the IR out port) and the two emitters are placed on the top and bottom of the cablebox above and below the IR sensor. This type of cable is available from TiVO, Radio Shack, and many internet sources (one did come with the Series 2 when new -- so it may still be around communing wit Dust Bunnies).

    The main thing I had to remember was to record the HD shows I was watching live to make sure the DVR did not wander off to a suggestion while it was in progress.


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