connect a HD DVRS toHDMI plug in?

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    I have a cable HD-DVR & a sattelite HD-DVR, one for sports and one for local channels. However, the HDTV I have has only one HDMI connection, so I have connected one DVR using the HDMI and one using regular cable connectors. Problem is that only the HDMI connected DVR has a HD quality picture so I may be paying for something I can't use.
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    So you have Time Warner, DirecTV, and Virgin in the UK?

    I call BS.

    Read the OP's posts on this forum. They are inconsistent and complete nonsense.
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    Apr 19, 2012
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    if the regular cable connectors are red, blue, and green in color, you have a hd picture. if it's one yellow or one coax cable, you're right, you could be paying for hd you're not using.

    or, you could be using the hd box in sd mode. you might want to have geek squad or another local indie av tech come by and help you out. there are still options to get both in hd, if you aren't already.

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