Congress passes bill to fight hidden cable fees

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    A U.S. House Committee Has Voted to Ban Hidden Cable TV & Internet Fees - Cord Cutters News

    Surprised no one mentioned this yesterday. edit: Wait that's from a month ago. Maybe it has been mentioned. I saw something about it yesterday though....hhhmmm Let me find it.

    Congress Passes Bill to Fight Surprise Cable TV Fees

    Surprised no one mentioned this. Congress passed a bill now.

    CAn't change the title of the thread though. :oops:
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    click the "report" button on your post and request a thread title change - the mods are generally very accommodating. ;)
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    A good step - we'll still get all the stupid fees - we'll just know about them if we read the fine print
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    Thanks for sharing, this seems like a very good thing. Though I wish it was a bit wider and also applied to cell phone companies and anyone else attempting to advertise low prices and then add on expensive fees.
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