"Conflicting" capacity reports since 9.1 updates

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by dwit, Oct 16, 2007.

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    I put "conflicting" in quotes because it may not be the correct word to use, but this is the story:

    I have a Tivo 540040, which about 8 months ago, I upgraded to 2 x 300gb drives.
    One drive was a WD and the other a Seagate. Both were brand new retail but both had been sitting on my shelf for around a year before using.

    Since using Instant Cake to upgrade the unit with the drives, the maximum capacity report in "Settings" and "System inf." had always shown as 755 hours.
    I never really gave it much thought but according to DvrUpgrade, that is the capacity for two 320gb drives. I know, for a time and maybe still now, that 320gb were being sold as a sort of bonus in 300gb drives. I had kind of figured, well maybe that's what's happening.

    After receiving the 9.1 upgrade on about 10/3, the reports began showing the the max recording time of 697 hours(or maybe it was 687). I figured, well maybe a bug in recognizing drives had been fixed so then everything's right again. I would check these reports almost daily and got these readings.

    I might add that, after the 9.1 update, the unit "crashed"(wouldn't get past the "service update, please wait" screen). I then used utilities to check the drives and they both checked out as good. I re-imaged with instant cake, reinstalled, re-updated, and all was as described above.

    Now today when I checked capacity, it's back to reporting 755 max capacity?

    I will add that I also have an S2 Toshiba sdh400, upgraded to a single 400gb seagate that has successsfully received all updates and has shown the correct max 497 hrs without any of the above variations.

    I read there has already been a new 9.2 update.

    The 540040 software version is showing as 9.1-01-2. It was last updated yesterday around 1pm. I don't know if this is the same first 9.1 update, or maybe this is the new "9.2" version? Or maybe it's just a bug in the 9.1 update that corrected. I'm asking?
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    why would or how could your version 9.1 as you state be 9.2? If you had 9.2 it would say 9.2 not 9.1

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