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    Nov 12, 2003


    I finally had some time over the weekend to work on configuring the HDTivos.

    I installed the latest version of Tivo Desktop on my server (version 2.8.3) and was able to access Pictures and Music via the HDTivo. I then completely uninstalled Tivo Desktop (in an effort to avoid any conflicts) and installed/configured pytivo. I was unable to access pytivo. I reinstalled Tivo Desktop to maintain this functionality.

    I run MediaMall PlayOn server, not suprisingly I was unable to access the PlayOn server via the HDTivo.

    Finally, I enabled the "Network Remote" feature and was able to control the HDTivo over network via an iphone app (I used the freeware "peanut" app).

    Tivo Desktop works for Pictures/Music
    Network Remote feature works

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