compatible video dvd specs for ps3 and xbox

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    hey guys fairly new to converting dvds and i want to dump all my old highdef movies onto dvd-rs (one per disc to get the best quality possible)...trying to see if ther is a compatible format that i can burn each movie...i know each one will play mp4 but really dont kno the specs...i've heard the xbox can only handle a bitrate of 5k and stereo audio from the dvd any information would help....
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    DVDs have a very strict standard. Maximum video resolution of 720x480, maximum combined bitrate for all streams of 9.8Mbps and maximum GOP length of 18 frames. However most commercial DVDs are encoded at about 6Mbps and look fine, so there is no real reason to max out the bitrate.

    If you want to keep HD then you should look into AVCHD. It's a standard that allows you to create BluRay compatible discs that can be stored on a regular DVD. The PS3 can play them, the XBox can not.


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