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    Jan 22, 2019


    I've been using Tivo since the very first model came out -- this is the first time I've used the Community Forum, however.
    Up until three or four months ago, 60% of the programs I recorded had the Commercial Skip feature. (These were primarily prime time network shows.) This percentage has dropped consistently since then -- as of now, I haven't seen the Commercial Skip green box once in the last two weeks. I know that this was discussed on the forum a couple of years ago. A Tivo exec. named Margret said that people with this problem should email her with certain information. I guess she's left Tivo, because my emails are returned as undeliverable.
    Any information on this situation would be most welcome. Thanks very much.
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    Apr 19, 2017
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    Margret no longer works for Tivo since the beginning of 2018.
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    I think there have been general issues the past week across the board but seems to have generally been resolved at least on the couple of shows that have recorded for us the last night or 2.

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    I could start a poll. But I hate polls. On the average, excluding system failures and missing metadata, I think my average is about 99%. Of the system failures, they are usually also found at which has a nasty habit of just leaving a time slot as a gray block when something is wrong. It uses data from TiVo. CBS Interactive data isn't so bad. I give it 90%. Gold medal still goes to Gracenote but I wish they would fix their web site.

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