Commander in Chief 6/14/06 finale

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by newsposter, Jul 1, 2006.

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    Um...did they plan this as the finale or was this just the last one shot? I like this show even but..... That was horrible...the 70s show finale was 100x better.

    I guess they really wanted to go the woman angle to the nth degree, which is good for this show, but darn did it feel it was :)

    glad the dickster got fired...he was annoying. And the daughters dress on that one scene up the steps was quite horrible ...i guess her mom dressed her.

    Nice fake on templetons man 'not knowing' it was the daughter. I wish they had the time to expand on that mole. Would have been 24 meets west wing.

    What's up with templeton? seems like he doesn't even wanna be prez. He has fire the one minute then says he's too old

    One thing I liked about mac is that she would be like me...not waste my 1 yr campaigning and instead just wield my power.

    are there any president shows on in the fall?
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    As usual, when a network starts meddling in a show and replaces staff it goes into the tank. It was never going to be a West Wing, but it sure took a turn for the worse when the meddling began.

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