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Comcast/Xfinity and or channels broadcasting in 720p not 1080i, best way to upscale with PC..?

Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by Dominick_7, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. TostitoBandito

    TostitoBandito Member

    Sep 17, 2006
    Mill Creek, WA
    This is because those channels are still MPEG2 and weren’t converted. The thing they did which reduced quality so much wasn’t going from 1080i to 720p, but lowering the bitrate and quality of the video so it takes up less bandwidth (while going to MPEG4). All the networks are probably still MPEG2, as well as a few other channels like ESPN in certain areas.

    MPEG4 also has better compression than MPEG2, so the converted channels should in theory have smaller streams for the same quality. However, Comcast went well beyond that and further reduced the bitrate, reducing quality from what it was before.
  2. fyodor

    fyodor Active Member

    Sep 19, 2006
    This may be something you've investigated already, but if it's not flagged "copy once" you can use KMTTG to pull the content directly from your Tivo. This won't fix the 720p/1080i issue but it will avoid the quality loss from the extra A/D and recompression step you get from the Hauppage. It should work for most non-premier channels (though I see you are also looking at those).
  3. fyodor

    fyodor Active Member

    Sep 19, 2006
    What are you watching the recordings on? It's probably being upscaled on the playback end anyway.
  4. WVZR1

    WVZR1 Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    The WV...
    OP - 30 years ago I'd have been wanting to try everything that you've mentioned. I'd be interested to see maybe how you do but I doubt you'll be pleased. Maybe because they're inexpensive it doesn't matter.

    I don't believe you can judge Comcast 'nationwide' when doing these comparisons etc.

    I bought/paid for a new OLED and deferred deliver for 60 days so I could sell my 64" 1080P plasma first. No room for 2 'big screens'. I also at the same time thought about Dish, DTV etc. DTV wouldn't do a site survey without a signed commitment and credit card payment (Costco Kiosk), the DTV guy really tried but his office wouldn't budge. I had Dish previously 20+years ago but the trees had grown, I trimmed the trees and caught a Dish installer in the area Dish was fine and I had done my own calculations and I was quite confident DTV was also. The best Satellite I ever had was BellExpressVu from Canada, I had a broker who handled my cards and addressing, HDTV (USA) both coasts all networks, others and 7 I think time-shifting zones. I had HD way before cable even offered it here in 'rural' WV. Cable was maybe 5 miles away from me. I had to ditch BEV with a new Satellite launch and they started to pull the Grandfathered equipment rights and insisted on rented hardware. I still have some BEV receivers. I miss BEV for sure. Adelphia came along at about the same time - very good service.

    I've a friend with Dish and a less than year old Sony so I went to watch his, I visited a friend with a newer Samsung and DTV (didn't have the 4K receivers but premium hardware), NETWORK TV was no better on either of their systems than on Comcast with my 1080P.

    I actually went back and got a refund on the OLED and still have my 1080P. Friends much rather watch my 1080P than any of theirs and they've got newer displays than mine. Mine is a PN64F8500 12/13 build, theirs less than 24 months likely.

    I believe that the "MARKET" and likely the "head-end" maybe dictate what we actually see. I'm in the Wash DC market and I'm quite sure the head-end is still in Frederick MD but it may have been moved closer.

    I don't have issues with Comcast - I can't do OTA - DTV is way overpriced I believe for what I do. I ain't a Comcast 'fan-boy' but I'm far from a hater. DTV for $$$$ just doesn't get it.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  5. leswar

    leswar leswar

    Apr 14, 2005
    Vero Beach
    Thanks NashGuy for the detailed review.
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  6. Dominick_7

    Dominick_7 New Member

    May 12, 2008
    Didn't see any options to save. Had this issue with the roamio, was pretty buggy.. sometimes itd stick other times not so much.

    The Flash, or really anything with darkness. Trying to figure out what it is but the 720p thing seems to be a new thing here.

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