Comcast VOD CL-14 Error

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Stormydog, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Did a search of this error and issues date back to 2012-2014. I have been using VOD just fine for years. A few months ago it stopped working with the CL-14 error. Little to none info on this error. Had Comcast technician come out and refreshed signals and rebooted many times. Finally called a Level 4 support from Denver (what ever that is). They only recognized a Tivo Bolt. I was told Denver would call me with an answer - to date no one ever called. Called CS about no return phone call and they simply wanted to send another tech out ("one with Tivo knowledge:"). Got same tech who knew of Tivo with little experience. He and I finally assumed Comcast simply removed any access by Tivo Premier XL, simply because it is considered too old for them to care about. Even though VOD worked just fine! I think because my Premier XL is a one way service and Comcast only wants Two Way.
    Anyone else have this problem? One more reason to dump Comcast but I still love Tivo. Comcast costs more and more but I get less and less from them. Cant buy a DTA and $5.99 charge per extra tv is too much so I am down to one cable TV. Roku the other tv but have one tv too old for Rok or HD OA antenna. Anyone discover the CL-14 problem with Premiers in 2017-2018?
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    It's working fine in Houston on my Premiere.

    I'd suggest posting on the Xfinity Forums. You'll likely get the attention of one of the Comcast Employees there who will be able to verify Account settings and the like.


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