Comcast to Time Warner Move: Questions?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by michael1248, Jun 27, 2011.

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    I moved to an area which offers Time-Warner cable. Just a few questions:

    Comcast forgot to remove my M-Card from my TiVo when they came to disconnect service and take their equipment. Can I use the new M-Card with Time-Warner? It is still inside my Premiere.

    I now live in an older apartment and noticed that the actual cable running from outside to inside the apartment seems very old. Some of the other lines appear to have been replaced (still black, not painted over). I know the TiVo signal strength meter means nothing. But, to sound like I kind of know what I am talking about when the cable guy shows up, what should the optimum signal strength be coming into the apartment? I am going to try to get him to replace the line from the junction box (about 75 feet; easily accessible).

    Is a tuning adapter a forgone conclusion? I didn't need one with Comcast and the M-card worked flawlessly after a few minor adjustments.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions.
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    You will need to get a cable card from TW. They cannot be used across cable systems. You may want to contact Comcast about the CC. Perhaps they don't care about it, but they may end up billing you for it. Sorry, can't answer your other questions.

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