Comcast/TiVo times not synching causing recording problems

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by estonb, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. estonb

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    Jan 4, 2007


    I've been a loyal TiVo customer for over 5 years now and I live in Houston, TX. Not by choice, my cable service that was provided by Time Warner for many, many years has now been bought by ComCast and they finally switched the cable signal from Time Warner over to ComCast about a month or so ago.

    Ever since the switch, I've noticed a problem with the program lineup timetables that is wreaking havoc on me. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar program after their service was switched from Time Warner to ComCast.

    The program times are correct in the TiVo guide and all of the clocks are synched (the TiVo matches the time displayed on my cable box). But for some reason, whenever a show is recorded by TiVo it always records about 1 minute of the show that was playing in the previous time slot of the channel being recorded, and worse - any recorded show always has about at least 30 seconds of it cut off at the end of the recording!

    I can't figure it out - nothing changed in my settings as far as channel changing with the IR blaster once the service was switched over to ComCast. I am still using the same TiVo box, the same IR settings, and the same cable box.

    What would cause this to start happening once the switch over to ComCast was made? I can't figure it out. Of course, I could go in and change all current and any future recordings to record 1 minute later that it was scheduled to end - but that would be a horrendously arduos task since I have 60+ season passes.

    Any ideas on what I can do to stop this from happening?

    Eston Burciaga
  2. supasta

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    May 6, 2006
    This sounds like a simple issue of the times being slightly off. For that, there is nothing you can do but add padding to the end of your recordings so the end does not get cut off.
  3. pdhenry

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    Feb 27, 2005
    Comcast doesn't have anything to do with the times the shows air, of course, nor with the time on the TiVo. My TiVo starts (and ends) 5 or 6 seconds early most of the time so I tend to miss the very end of the show signoffs.

    One thing that might work for you is a restart, or a repeat of guided setup if a restart doesn't work. I think the TiVo clock is reset every time it calls in and the time really shouldn't drift more than a few seconds in between.
  4. TiVo Steve

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    Nov 8, 2005
    Seattle WA.
    If you are watching TNT, I've noticed that they run 30-60 seconds "over" the scheduled time!
  5. MScottC

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    Sep 11, 2004


    Is this a relatively new issue? Your clock may not be resetting correctly. For some reason I had a connectivity issue where I was getting guide data, but not clock resets correctly. Unfortunately I can't remember what I did to fix it.
  6. jrm01

    jrm01 New Member

    Oct 17, 2003
    Isn't it possible that Comcast has a lag between the time they receive a signal and the time they transmit it? I've never heard of it, and couldn't think of any reason for it, but isn't that a possibility?
  7. phox_mulder

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    Feb 23, 2006
    Salt Lake...
    Comcast in these parts just recently started doing something to the analog channels to make the times more closely match the digital channels.

    Since the digital channels get delayed by the digitization process they are delaying the analog as well.

    It's only 5-7 seconds, barely noticible by Joe Consumer, but quite noticeable by we at the TV station they are delaying.

    We were using the cable input to feed various monitors around the station, since it was a better picture than we could get by antenna.
    Anchors get quite confused when they say something, and don't see themselves say it for another 7 seconds.
    Technicians had to scramble to change everything to the antenna feed, and try to get the antenna feed watchable.

  8. usnret

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    Nov 25, 2003
    NW Ohio
    I am served here in ND by a small cable co. I have noticed that just about every program that I record, records the last 30 or so seconds of the previous program and then cuts off the recorded program about 30 or so seconds early. If I record 2 programs, say 7-8 and 8-9, I will see the end of the first program at the start of the second program and the second program still cuts off early. It appears to me that it might be Tivo related if it is happening on several cable companies.
  9. supasta

    supasta Active Member

    May 6, 2006
    Right, I should have clarified. There are many networks that are notorious for starting early or ending late.

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