Comcast Mpeg-4 issues: View but not Record

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    Feb 21, 2003


    Apparently there's a problem cropping up with the Comcast transition to mpeg-4. I first noticed this on Friday, 7/22 when a movie I set to record on Cinemax failed to record and the reason listed in history was "not authorized" - even though it's a subscribed channel. Called TiVo and they went through a series of diagnostics checks and determined the cablecard was apparently incompletely paired and I needed to call Comcast. Saturday, 7/23, called Comcast at 7am and they re-paired the card with not change in the behavior - I could view, but not record as "not authorized." They said it could be the cable card and I needed to swap it out, so drove over to the xfinity store and did so. Got back, put it in and called Comcast to pair. They did so, but lost all my premium channels. After a couple hours going back and forth and forwarded to various departments, THAT was finally fixed. But the original problem was still a problem. Finally got it back to where I was on late Friday by Saturday at 1:30pm ( about 6 hours on the phone and half hour driving!) They scheduled a truck roll for today, Sunday 7/24. I cancelled that when I found a couple of forum posts describing the exact issue I was having. These posts are:

    The threads show this happening in multiple regions, but only to Comcast users and Roamios.

    The channels I've identified in Sacramento are:

    763 DXDHDP
    797 MGMHD
    805 VICEPHD
    806 NGWIHD
    810 BBCAPH
    813 DFCHD
    814 UPHD
    822 GSNPHD
    825 SHOWHDP
    838 MAXHDP

    This is almost assuredly not comprehensive - they are just the ones I've tested with the relevant criteria (720 resolution, not the expected 1080).

    I've posted a question regarding this to the Comcast support forum and a Comcast representative replied that's it's a know problem and that it started with the most recent TiVo software release and that TiVo is working on a fix, but I've not seen anything from TiVo confirming that.

    I'm not looking for a magic bullet, push a button and find it fixed resolution. What I want is a more broad acknowledgement of the problem and a timeline for when it will be fixed. I don't care whose problem it is, I just need it fixed.

    I don't need to subscribe to channels I cannot record.

    I don't need a dvr that doesn't record my subscribed channels.

    Don't mean to come across as a rant, but this is frustrating.
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    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Dayton OH
    This post in the "other" thread said TiVo stated they were working on the problem:

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    rgr Member

    Feb 21, 2003
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    tivoyahoo New Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    The "other" thread is not the one linked above. The thread link above is the Bay Area specific thread. The one below is national in scope and rather than start at post #1, here is a starting place (post #286) to get the national scope of the issue:

    None of my minis will tune in channel that comes in fine on roamio

    rgr, there is a list of Sacramento problem network at the link above that needs updating. I will edit and update that list with your Sacramento feedback. I listed about 10 more channels to take a look in addition to the the 10 you cited. Also, go to the posts by wuzznubbi in the "other" thread - he's got sac channel info, but limited subscription. also the posts by mcarlson you'll want to look at too. he is in the Santa Maria market but you'll see the channel map overlap with Sacramento.

    If there is a thread that is a candidate to be renamed, it's the national one, because you read that thread details and "comes in fine on roamio" you learn to mean is less than fine really - it means you can watch live tv but can't buffer and record. so that's the thread title that needs clarification. whereas the bay area mpeg4 thread is bay area focused but I for one welcome Sacramento and Chicago discussions, but other Bay Area readers may not be as welcoming on out of market topics.

    But I am all for listing and breaking down the sacramento channel list in the bay area thread. It's relevant as the channel maps overlap and comcast may follow the same deployment. and I made that case in post #143. so welcome to the discussion there.

    Channel categories:
    a) channels remaining mpeg2 hd - put that in the bay area post (#143) as well, per wuzznubbi source
    b) h.264/1080i working
    c) h.264/720p working - lots of those too
    d) and then the problem list - h.264/720p
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    mlcarson Member

    Dec 30, 2007


    Pretty much the same channels broken in Santa Maria/Lompoc.
    680 UNVSOHD
    731 FS1HD
    763 DXDHDP
    764 BLOOMHD
    783 MTVLIVE
    805 VICEPHD
    806 NGWHD
    810 BBCAPH
    813 DFCHD
    814 UPHD
    820 OWNHD
    822 GSNPHD
    823 P12BAHD
    838 MAXHDP

    I don't get 825 SHOWHDP but suspect that it's also broken here based on the resolution/frequency
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    tivoyahoo New Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    More to check in Santa Maria / Sacramento:

    AXSTV 1080i
    H.264/720p failing - Chi, Peoria
    MPEG2 HD - SF
    h.264 in Sac??

    BEIN2HD Unconfirmed Resolution
    BeIN Sports 2 HD
    H.264/720p failing - SF
    Note: BeIN Sports 1 is MPEG2 SD in San Francisco
    Sac CH 677, 291MHz, H.264

    BLOOMHD 1080i
    H.264/720p failing - Chi, Sac, Santa Maria
    MPEG2 HD - SF

    FS1 [confirmation needed FS1 & FXDEP]
    H.264/720p failing - Chi, Atl, Sac
    MPEG2 HD - SF
    Sac CH 731, Frequency needed

    FXDEPHD [confirmation needed FS1 & FXDEP]
    HD H.264 / 720p failing - SF
    Sac CH 679, 291MHz, H.264

    H.264/720p failing - Nash
    MPEG2 SD - SF
    HD in Sac??

    MTVLIVE 1080i
    H.264/720p failing - Atl, Chi, Nash, Sac, SM
    MPEG2 HD - SF

    NFLNRZD 1080i
    H.264/720p failing - Chi, Peoria
    Sac CH 785, 309MHz, H.264

    UNVSPHD 1080i
    H.264 / 720p failing - SF
    Sac CH 680, 291MHz, H.264
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    rgr Member

    Feb 21, 2003
    Thanks, I'll work my way down the list first thing in the morning. Is there additional information you'd like me to collect? Frequency, etc?
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    jasonander Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    Yes, please do call in! This needs to get on TiVo's radar, how big a problem it is (or will become). I had to be put on hold for about 10 minutes after arguing with the CSR who wanted me to go through her script which included rebooting my TiVos and calling Comcast to get my cable cards repaired rather than acknowledge the problem and that TiVo needed to fix it. You can reference my case# 05976351 if you'd like to skip all that scripted customer service script-reading monkey BS.
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    murgatroyd Don't stop believin'

    Jan 5, 2002
    Berkeley CA
    I emailed TiVoSupport_Sarah with my data about the issues I'm seeing on OWNHD in the East Bay (Berkeley).

    I can watch the channel on Live TV but there is no buffering or trick play. The Roamio's red recording light comes on, but no recording is left in MyShows. It appears in the History list only, listed as "Not Authorized" even though the Auth is "S" and the CCI Byte is 0x00.

    There's one other channel which has also made the transition, but it's not in my tier so I can't test it.

    OWNHD records just fine on the TiVoHD, and the Roamio can play the TiVoHD's recording after it has been transferred.
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    tivoyahoo New Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    there is a lot of information in the "other" thread on this topic. Again, it's the one titled:

    "None of my minis will tune in channel that comes in fine on roamio"

    The info is all in there but there is a lot to weed through, but here are some key posts and links to catch up with and "Cliffs Notes" on the roamio record / buffer issue. So I'm including some here to get new readers on this issue at least pointed in the right direction and somewhat up to speed in reading the "other thread. or least keep readers from not heading off in the wrong direction - chasing down replacement cable cards, checking signal levels and so forth.

    As background, Tivo support article:

    You'll find this article "lacking" once you are up to speed on the reality of the situation. But it does point out the mpeg4 transition going on in 16 markets across 10 states.

    You'll see posts in the "other" thread that point to the xfinity forums thread tracking the issue here:

    Also see post #36 from June 28 in the other thread where TiVoSupport_Sarah is aware of the issue and asking for affected TSN's to start an investigation:

    It would be tsn's for roamios and paired mini tsn's

    And as far as the affected channel list for Sacramento, that's worth reporting too, but probably a good idea to get as complete a list as possible to submit. It's yes on the 10 in post #1, but there are more, maybe double that. Let me pull together what is known on Sac and post again with what's known, and what still needs checking / confirmation.

    It looks to mirror what has been found in Santa Maria/Lompoc with the channel list with the the only known variation being 797 MGMHD which isn't offered in Santa Maria / Lompoc. And as mcarlson posted, what you can view and see as far as resolution is dependent on subscription tier. Post #6 has channels to check, but I'll clean it up and repost with more.

    There haven't been any reports from Stockton, Modesto, and Fresno at this point that I'm aware of, but roamio comcast subscribers in the Central Valley are probably likewise affected.


    -Series 5 Roamios are displaying live tv video and audio so resolutions can be seen for subscribed channels

    -Don't scan channels with mini paired to host roamios unless you are prepared for lockups on problem channels and reboots .

    -Channel frequency and encoding (mpeg2 or h.264 on videoPID line) are found in tivo diagnostics menu, whereas resolution is not.

    -You need a subscription to the channel for the tuner to lock in order to see the resolution, and of course the buffer/record issue. But you can see mpeg2 or h.264 in diagnostics as well as frequency for an unsubcribed.

    -Active Video Output Format is displayed in System Information but can vary based on one's video settings - selected output format checkboxes. so don't look there for resolution or what your tv is reporting since that's what is output by the tivo - again dependent on your settings and all formats may not be checkboxed.

    -vertical resolution as delivered by comcast is found in the full/extended channel information banner display (info button on live tv channel) over on the right hand side. Horizontal x Vertical Resolution @ framerate | Aspect Ratio is viewed via spsrs:

    however aspect ratio is showing as 0:0 for h.264 channels, and 4:3 or 16:9 for mpeg2 channels. And this seems to be the case for Series 4-6.

    There is a long and growing list of 1080i networks reported as being delivered by comcast as h.264/720p and failing on Roamio. Whereas in cases where 1080i networks are delivered by comcast as h.264/1080i the list of problems on Roamio stands at ZERO. In other words, h.264/1080i is fully working on roamio - no problem reports.

    Recording attempts generally end up failing even though initially they appear to start recording and show as in progress recordings, they eventually disappear from the Now Playing List.
    They do show in history, and pressing info on the "Not Authorized" recording, roamio shows more detail:
    "This show was not recorded because the Tivo box is not authorized for this channel, the program was not purchased, or the program was not available in your area."
    If they do manage to stay in NPL or end up in deleted recordings and recovered to NPL, basically they don't play.
    If you're seeing similar, you've got a roamio problem channel and that network is probably mentioned as failing in other markets nationwide in the "other" thread on TCF - link above.

    Record the SD channel equivalent of the problem H.264
    For example in Sacramento:
    820 OWN-HD = 220 OWNPA however the latter is the west feed (P) and 3 hours delayed from HD east feed

    Record the h.264 channel on TivoHD or Premiere - those are documented as properly buffering and recording all h.264.
    It sounds strange and doesn't make sense that the older hardware (Premiere and TivoHD) works. But that's the case.

    So if a TivoHD was on your network as your "workaround" to record the channels that roamio doesn't, you can then transfer those recordings to another model tivo and play them back just fine. And a Premiere can both record all h.264 and stream to Roamio and Mini as well as transfer to other roamios. Once the recording is on the Roamio, it will then play back even though the roamio couldn't record the program in the first place. The roamio can then stream that recording successfully to mini, premiere, bolt another roamio.

    if a channel fails to buffer on roamio (any roamio model), that same channel will fail to work on a mini that is paired to a roamio series as host. But you can pair that same mini to a premiere 4 tuner model and the mini will work on that channel for live tv. So that's part of one of the workarounds, put a premiere on your network to not only record but to pair with your minis.

    The problem is at the host tivo, not the mini. And roamio is the only series known to fail.
    Don't use the mini to tune to a known problem channel or one that is suspected to be, because at best you'll get a black screen and more likely an unending spinning blue circle (sbc) and you'll need to power cycle reboot.
    So if you want to check channels for a problem, use the roamio not the mini unless you are prepared for multiple reboots and waiting 2-3 minutes each time to be back up and runing.

    The root of why the roamio can't live stream the problem channels to minis is because roamio can't buffer/record the problem channels.

    If you find something different that would be new - please post and share your findings. new info is popping up all the time, at least on TCF, not from comcast or tivo.

    A couple final notes on cards in case comcast has you checking various things, such as signal levels and you're seeing various things on the cable card screen not knowing what they are. Basically, if you're finding your problem channels match those reported in this thread, then it's the roamio problem channel issue and not something else.

    So, if you're seeing the picture and live tv then the subscription authorization is probably fine and it's more likely the the roamio problem channel issue, not a channel authorization issue. and the channel won't buffer - that's the symptom. If you've got the buffer problem you can basically stop reading right here. And stop chasing down other causes. It's happening nationwide on comcast. It's well documented at this point. See the xfinity forums post earlier in this thread and point any comcast or tivo employee to it if they are unfamiliar with the issue. And it's well documented that the reps are not familiar with it.

    However, if you're getting a black screen (V58 not subscribed popup) on a subscribed channel on a non-mini tivo then do check Auth - described below.
    Mini will get a black screen or spinning blue circle on a roamio problem channels - see above for why. That is not a cable card issue. That is to be expected on a known roamio problem channel.

    From Account & System Info
    => Cable Card Decoder
    => Cable Card Options
    => Cable Card Menu
    => Conditional Access

    and using the select button you can toggle ("next") through the 2-6 tuners, numbered 0-5 matching the Tivo Box Diagnostics screen. For channels not received/not subscribed (V58 popup on black screen, you will see "Auth: NS" and for channels that are part of your subscription you should see "Auth: S" or "Auth: FWK" for proper authorization / decryption of the channel

    more detail at this link with screen shots on what your card values should show:

    A pdf channel guide is linked here showing programming tiers - Digital Starter, Preferred, etc.:
    if someone has a more current list of tiers and packages, please post link.
    Also note this is for Dublin, so your neighborhood could vary, but you can access your channel list here:
    but the lower link does not break out the programming tiers like the upper .pdf link.

    Bottom line is that if the Auth is NS for a channel you subscribe to that's part of your package, that's the problem right there. Have comcast resend a signal out to refresh the card and the Auth value will change decrypting the channel.

    Auth is different from, CCI byte which also appears in the Cable Card Conditional Access (see link above) as well as Tivo Diagnostics for each tuned channel. This value has to do with copy control of digital content and in the case of comcast is 0x00 for all but premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, etc in which case it is 0x02. this has to do with transferring (not streaming) of recorded shows. Basically with comcast, you are free to move around your network all but the premium channel recording files.

    0x00 - Copy freely - Content is not copy protected
    0x02 - Copy Once - The box can make a recording, but can't transfer it

    for more on CCI byte:
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    tivoyahoo New Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    What package tier do you have? economy? you're not seeing 775 WGNA? nor 823 Pac 12 ?

    This was the latest for SF Bay Area as of 3 days ago and I haven't scanned since, but from

    Part of Digital Starter Tier:
    775 WGNAPHD WGN America HD H.264 / 720p 249 MHz

    820 OWNHD H.264 / 720p 249 MHz
    Previously was delivered as H.264 / 1080i, now failing as transcoded 720p

    823 P12BAHD Pac 12 Network Bay Area HD H.264 / 720p **243** MHz
    Does not require the Sports and Entertainment Package.

    Part of Digital Preferred Tier:
    678 ESPNDHD ESPN Deportes HD H.264 / 720p 249 MHz
    unique so far in that it is a H.264 that buffers/records on Roamio. As an ESPN network it is native 720p so it is not transcoded like the other failing channels.

    680 UNVSPHD NBC Universo HD H.264 / 720p 249 MHz
    Neither of the above (678 & 680) require the Sports and Entertainment Package. Neither requires Latino Tier

    679 FXDEPHD Fox Deportes HD H.264 / 720p 249 MHz
    may be the same case as 678 & 680 and not require extra packages (sports or latino) [confirmation needed]

    Requires either Sports & Entertainment or Latino add-on package:
    677 BeIN-HD H.264 / 720p 249 MHz

    Channel is part of the Sports and Entertainment ala carte add-on package $9.99/month. Includes NFL red zone and package can be turned off at season's end - no contract/commitment.
    Also can be added for $9.99 as part of the latino tier, which is dozens of channels, primarily in espanol - channel range 600-680

    Summary: 7 Total on 2 Frequencies, all 720p
    6 of the 7 failing on Roamio/Paired Minis
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    ThAbtO TiVoholic by the bay TCF Club

    Apr 6, 2000
    SF Bay Area
    Something to try...

    When my Roamio was updated to 20.6.1 and 1 or 2 of my OTA channel would not record, but can still watch the Live TV with the error message onscreen. (It was KOFY Channels 20-1 and 20-2 which was giving me issues.)

    I re-ran Guided Setup and not long after that, the issue resolved.

    I can record 20-1 and 20-2 now. I also have 1Ps set on that channel.
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    tivoyahoo New Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    Below is the aforementioned channel chart with a mix of:
    - known failing channels, and
    - potential h.264/720p suspect channels

    what's known is in black; what's red needs confirmation

    Many channels with question marks on the resolution are that way because you need a subscription for the tuner to lock in order to see the resolution, and of course to see the buffer/record issue. But you can see mpeg2 or h.264 in diagnostics as well as frequency for an unsubcribed channel, so in some cases you will see h.264 and frequency in black as known, but resolution and failing as question marks. So if you do subscribe to channels with that information lacking, please post as to the resolution and if it's buffering.

    if you're not sure on how to check that information, please see the heading CHECKING CHANNELS at this post:

    If you think you might be seeing the output resolution and not the resolution delivered by comcast to the tivo, check the link above.

    I don't think axstv and hbo signature are offered in HD in Sacramento so I've taken those off the prior list.

    The frequency can be important to indicate if there might be more channels clustered together on a frequency. On 339 MHz it looks like all those channels have been discovered - program numbers 1-9, although 10 channels have been seen at a single frequency so there might be another one there. An open question is if a TivoHD can tune directly to 339MHz-10 ? Roamio seem to be locked out by card control of the tuning. but there is a backdoor to manual tuning - it's detailed in the "other" thread. or can be added to this thread if anyone wants to try manual tuning on frequencies. It would appear that some of the channels with information lacking might end up being at 291, 309, and 345 MHz where there are just a few channels detailed currently.

    Channel No. | Network| Format | Frequency-Program Number

    450 MLS Direct Kick MPEG2 or H.264?
    451 MLB Extra Innings MPEG2 or H.264?
    452 MLB Extra Innings MPEG2 or H.264?

    677 BEIN2HD H.264/720P? fails? 291MHz
    678 ESPNDHD H.264/720p? probably working? freq?
    679 FXDEPHD H.264/720P? fails? 291MHz
    680 UNVSPHD H.264/720P? fails? 291MHz

    731 FS1 MPEG2 or H.264? fails?
    763 DXDHDP H.264/720P? fails 339MHz-3
    764 BLOOMHD H.264/720p fails 339MHz-8
    783 MTVLIVE H.264/720P fails 339MHz-5
    785 NFLNRZD H.264/720P? fails? 309MHz
    797 MGMHD H.264/720P fails 339MHz-7
    801 HBOHD MPEG2 or H.264?
    805 VICEPHD H.264/720P fails 339MHz-1
    806 NGWHD H.264/720P fails 339MHz-6
    808 HBOLPHD MPEG2 or H.264?
    809 STZENHD MPEG2 or H.264?
    810 BBCAPH H.264/720P fails 339MHz-2
    813 DFCHD H.264/720P fails 339MHz-9
    814 UPHD H.264/720P fails 339MHz-4
    805 GALAHD MPEG2 or H.264?
    816 STARZ MPEG2 or H.264?
    818 UDNHD MPEG2 or H.264?
    820 OWNHD H.264/720P fails freq?
    822 GSNPHD H.264/720P fails 345MHz-6
    823 P12BAHD H.264/720P? fails? 303MHz-5
    825 SHOWHD H.264/720P fails 309MHz-8803
    838 MAXHDP H.264/720P? fails? 309MHz-8802
    847 TMCHD MPEG2 or H.264?
    870 NDEMAND MPEG2 or H.264?

    MPEG2 HD - Tivo Series3 Compatible
    703-714 channel range = broadcast networks
    720 CSNBD 721 CSNCD 723 NBCSNHD 724 ESPNHD 725 ESPN2HD
    788 ESPNUHD 819 CMHTHD
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    tivoyahoo New Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    1Ps ? which setting is that?

    Which error message were you getting? No Signal? The recordings error out as "Not Authorized" in the Roamio mpeg4 issue.

    Is the OTA behavior you saw similar to this?

    And this cropped up over the weekend:

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    ThAbtO TiVoholic by the bay TCF Club

    Apr 6, 2000
    SF Bay Area
    It was a signal problem error message that just would not go away whenever its on that channel. It later caused problems just changing the channel.

    It has been a while now since it was fixed by Guided setup so don't remember the exact words of that message window.
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    slowbiscuit FUBAR

    Sep 19, 2006
    In the ATL
    No signal or errors other than 'not authorized' have nothing to do with this problem. And OTA channels are mpeg2, these issues are all with 720p mpeg4 channels (as reported by Roamios) on Comcast only, so far.

    It's a Tivo bug probably related to SkipMode that has been exposed by Comcast's encoding of certain channels. We don't know why it only fails on some channels and not others, and Comcast has made attempts (at least for me) to correct the problem in the ATL with no success.
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    rgr Member

    Feb 21, 2003
  18. Jul 26, 2016 #18 of 201

    rgr Member

    Feb 21, 2003
    I did call in and added my case number to the issue, which the CSR says is being worked on. He also said that an updated software release would be needed. No ETA or timeline given.
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    rgr Member

    Feb 21, 2003
    Frequency-Prog Video PID
    450 MLS Direct Kick - V58
    451 MLB Extra Innings - V58
    452 MLB Extra Innings - V58

    677 BEIN2HD - V53
    678 ESPNDHD - V58
    679 FXDEPHD - V58
    680 UNVSPHD - 720p 291000 Khz-1004 H.264 Fail

    731 FS1HD - 720p 345000 Khz-3 H.264 Fail
    763 DXDHDP - 720p 339000 Khz-3 H.264 Fail
    764 BLOOMHD - 720p 339000 Khz-8 H.264 Fail
    783 MTVLIVE - 720p 339000 Khz-5 H.264 Fail
    785 NFLNRZD - V58
    797 MGMHD - 720p 339000 Khz-7 H.264 Fail
    801 HBOHD - 1080i 363000 Khz-5 H.264 Works
    805 VICEPHD - 720p 339000 Khz-1 H.264 Fail
    806 NGWHD - 720p 339000 Khz-6 H.264 Fail
    808 HBOLPHD - 720p 309000 Khz-8801 H.264 Fail
    809 STZENHD - 1080i 321000 Khz-1 H.264 Works
    810 BBCAPH - 720p 339000 Khz-2 H.264 Fail
    813 DFCHD - 720p 339000 Khz-9 H.264 Fail
    814 UPHD - 720p 339000 Khz-4 H.264 Fail
    815 GALAHD - 720p 345000 Khz-7 H.264 Fail
    816 STARZ - 1080i 333000 Khz-8 H.264 Works
    818 UDNHD - 1080i 201000 Khz-8 H.264 Works
    820 OWNHD - not available
    822 GSNPHD - 720p 345000 Khz-6 H.264 Fail
    823 P12BAHD - 720p 303000 Khz-5 H.264 Fail
    825 SHOWHD - 720p 309000 Khz-8803 H.264 Fail
    838 MAXHDP - 720p 309000 Khz-8802 H.264 Fail
    847 TMCHD - V58
    870 NDEMAND - V58
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    tivoyahoo New Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    That fills in a lot of the data holes, rgr :up:
    17 confirmed fail, but with some (at least 9) suspects remaining.

    If any of the v58 are confirmed as mpeg2 then they can be eliminated as potential problem channels. On the other hand, if they are h.264, they remain suspect, especially if they reside at the same frequency as other problem channels.

    If you tune each of your 4 or 6 roamio tuners with the v58 channels below, you can see 4 or 6 at a time in the diagnostics screen.

    450 MLS Direct Kick - V58
    451 MLB Extra Innings - V58
    452 MLB Extra Innings - V58

    677 BEIN2HD - V53
    678 ESPNDHD - V58
    679 FXDEPHD - V58

    785 NFLNRZD - V58

    847 TMCHD - V58
    870 NDEMAND - V58

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