Comcast--Houston HD and Digital Cable Problems

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Parsifal, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Parsifal

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    Aug 9, 2007


    I have a recently purchased Series 3 with 2 cable cards in Houston. Everything worked fine for several days after setup, and then I lost all channels (either in SD or HD) that were not part of the analog cable package. So ESPN and ESPN 2 come in fine in both SD and HD, as do CBS, FOX, NBC and CBS. The lost channels are, e.g., Fox Soccer Channel, everything in 100-200 or so, HDNET, HDNET Movices, TNTHD, MOJOHD, etc. By "lost", I mean a gray screen comes up instead of the correct program. Tivo still has all the right program information for the missing channel but no picture comes up.

    If I unplug the Tivo then plug it back in, it boots up with all channels working again but then the same problem with the same channels comes up again within days or even a few hours.

    Comcast tech support said (surprise!) that they cannot help since it must be a Tivo issue.

    I would greatly appreciate any input from Comcast users (especially in Houston) who may have experienced this, and whether (and how) it ultimately was resolved.

    Also, if there are Series 3 users with cable cards in Houston who have NOT had this problem (i.e., your system is working fine) I'd like to know too so that I at least know that I can eventually get this resolved!

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    Well, if this happens on both of your CableCARDs then I'd have to say it's a problem with the TiVo. If it only happens on one then it sounds like a CC problem.

    As soon as you reboot, test both CCs and verify that they are both working. As soon as you notice the problem you should test them both again.
  3. mchips

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    Feb 21, 2003
    Not necessarily... if something has changed on the host end, Comcast, thus no longer authorizing access to these channels he is now missing, which sound like CC channels, the problem could still be with Comcast.

    What I would suggest the OP do is call Comcast back and have them verify what packages he has access to, and have them rehit the cards with the correct authorization...

    It doesn't sound like a TiVo problem to me... It could even be CCs that have gone bad... so it may be premature to immediately assume the problem is with the TiVo... note cable companies don't like TiVo or CCs, and therefore are biased against them and of course TiVo is going to be what they blame first... they want you to use their proprietary DVR... they don't like CCs, and have fought the FCC on this for over a decade... they want a monopoly on this, and want people paying to use their digital cable equipment... they don't want us to have a choice...

    Anyway, all this just to say to expect Comcast to point the finger away from themselves, but at least start with them, and have them to do their part first...

    And hopefully other Comcast users in your area may be able to come in here and offer futher assistance as well...
  4. spaceboytom

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    Those are the channels I still got on my cablecard when the Cablecard authorization failed (1-74 + the HDs you mentioned). TivoHD + Motorola M card. The guide data comes from Tivo, so that isn't related to Comcast signal. They told me I had to swap out the card, which I would need to do later this week. Of course they didn't even know what an M card was at the authorization phone number, so I may just try another call tomorrow and see if the rep is more knowledgable.


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