Comcast DVR w/TiVo service in Boston being turned off

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    As mentioned at and

    From the 2nd URL:
    So much for what many in the media and Wall Street thought was the Holy Grail for TiVo (contracts w/cable cos)...
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    Um, you realize TiVo is rolling out in more and more cablecos, and is now offering on-demand on retail TiVos in Boston (In addition to the locations in CA)?

    The deal with Virgin seems to be working pretty well for TiVo.
  3. aadam101

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    Jul 14, 2002
    Have you missed the fact that Premiere's now have Xfinity OnDemand in the Boston market? This is a MUCH better box than the Motorola one. This is much more beneficial to Tivo. The only thing they could do to make this better is allow people to lease the boxes or purchase directly from Comcast and be billed by Comcast for the monthly fee.
  4. Tennberg

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    Jun 25, 2012
    I got my letter last week, detailing the choice of getting a Tivo Premiere DVR if I wanted to keep the Tivo service. I had a few questions/comments.

    1. I haven't kept up on CableCARD tech for a while, so I'm assuming it's a lot better now. I remember it used to be one-way if I recall correctly, which meant things like On Demand weren't possible. Does this also mean PPV will be available as well?

    2. When I go to their offer site, it says I need to sign up for a 1-year commitment at 12.95/month. Is this paid up-front or am I billed month-to-month? Since I'm getting back the 7.00/month for the Comcast DVR, this means I'll be paying 5.95 more per month to keep the Tivo UI.

    3. I already have a wireless bridge in my living room that my TV and Blu-Ray player connect to via wired connection. So this means I don't need to buy the Tivo wireless adapters as my bridge still has available ports.

    4. If anyone has already done this transition, what are the pros/cons? My two main complaints with the current Comcast DVR with Tivo are that it's quite sluggish when using the UI and the box freezes from time to time, becoming completely unresponsive to the remote. Whatever channel it's stuck on will still play, but I can't switch channels or bring up the guide. This means manually restarting the box by removing the power cable and plugging it back in. Then, the long wait while the box restarts.

    5. Since the CableCARD is from Comcast, I assume this means I can swap out the card for free at any time should it stop working. Since the free DVR is from Tivo, it appears it only has a 1-year warranty. Is that correct, or is the warranty longer?

  5. aadam101

    aadam101 Tell me a joke

    Jul 14, 2002
    1. Comcast and Tivo started rolling out On Demand in the Boston area a couple of weeks ago.

    2. Yes but you will pay Tivo directly.

    3. Correct. Just plug the Tivo into the bridge.

    4. Hardly anyone has the Motorola/Comcast/Tivo. It was never expanded past the Boston market and was a total failure. My mom just got rid of hers a few weeks ago. There are no cons to the Premiere vs the Motorola box. It is superior in every single way. The only pro it ever had was that it was able to access On Demand. Now that the Premiere can do this there is literally no reason to keep the Motorola box even if Comcast wasn't killing it.

    5. I think it's just a one year warranty. You own the box and it's just like any other electronics device you own in your home. Comcast owns the cable card and you will pay a fee to lease it.
  6. phudson126

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    Jun 12, 2012
    What does this mean? The fact that the charges will be cheaper is a great news. But why this sudden change? May be there is an improvised quality service coming up in future!!
  7. ajwees41

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    because it's a failure on the cable hardware
  8. aadam101

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    Jul 14, 2002
    The "new" hardware is the Premiere. It can now access Xfinity OnDemand via the TIvo. There is no need for the old Moto box anymore and Comcast is doing the smart thing and taking them out of service.
  9. sandybeaches

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    Is this the same thing that is going on in San Fran or did they start there with the newer boxes?
  10. sbiller

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