Comcast cut my bit rates in half over the last year or two is this legal?

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    The last couple years I've noticed the picture quality degrading and being able to see compression artifacts etc. Today I finally used the info option to see that older recordings were twice the size and do look better. Some half hour programs were just under 2 gigabytes and now they're like 0.8 GB. I gave up watching some shows on HBO the last couple of years because the quality was so bad and figured I'd just wait for the Blu-ray to come out instead. I have an old episode of supernatural that's still on my TiVo and it's 4.71 GB while a newer recording is 1.78 gigabytes. I remember a few years back when the cable providers lobbied the government to get the bitrates changed as to what qualifies for HD did they get them removed entirely?
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    As long as you are willing to keep paying them, they will continue to laugh at you and do whatever they want.
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    If you subscribe to HBO (or any other premium channel), you can just stream the show instead of watching the recording on your TiVo. In the meantime, the recording in the My Shows listing can serve as a bookmark or reminder of what you have yet to watch.

    It's nice to have options.:)
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    Yep. Fire them, get YouTube TV or something similar. You'll probably save some money. It won't work with your TiVo unless you have an OTA solution. The only thing I miss is the subchannels on the locals, most of which don't show up on YTTV. I don't miss the TiVo "experience" at all and I've had lifetime units since 2005.

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