Comcast + Cablecard/Tivo = Nightmare?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by sberkowitz, Aug 12, 2011.

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    No surprise at all, it's always been either that the cards were not init'd properly at the warehouse, had bad firmware, weren't paired properly, or weren't authorized correctly on the account.

    Notice a pattern here? :rolleyes:
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    Well, I guess I can report that I had a better experience today. I picked up an M card for self-install from my local Comcast office. They even had self install sheet that referenced instructions for Tivo!

    I plugged the card in and within a minute or so the Cable card Host ID screen popped up, and in another minute or so the Host ID and Cable Card ID appeared. I called the 877 number on the self-install worksheet and got a person who didn't seem too sure of herself, but she prompted me for the Cable Card and Host ID. Then she asked me for the cable card serial number - which threw me for a loop - but luckily before I had put the cable card in I wrote down the two lines of numbers and she confirmed she want the one that was all letters and not numbers - I read it to her and she said she was going to hit the card.

    So in installing a previous Tivo, here is how you can verify they typed in your numbers correctly. Press CLEAR to exit the Host ID cable card screen and move up to the CA screen - should be the first choice in the cable card menu. Towards the bottom there is an EMMs processed counter. Once they hit your card, that thing should start increasing. Mine was at over 49 in over 30 seconds - the higher the better!

    if your EMMs are increasing you should be able to clear and exit out of the cable card screens and you should have channels! You may get the "downloading channels" Tivo screen - mine took about a minute to clear - interestingly enough TV started playing in the upper corner of the HD guide ahead of the "downloading channels" when I pushed the Live TV button - oh well. And I even have my premium channel. Then again this is my fifth cable card so I think it's safe to say Cable Card was already programmed into my account :D

    Yes, you can get clueless reps - but I have found if you are courteous and just call back you will typically get one good enough to help you. And lately I have had two really good installers in a row that did a thorough job of troubleshooting and more importantly explaining things like the EEMs and which signal strength values on which channels are critical for the overall functioning of the digital signal - info that has been great in troubleshooting my own issues, since even though I am in a brand new development I have a low to marginal signal right to my house :p

    So far the Premiere is behaving just fine. Then again it will probably download a software update tonight (I'm at 14.5-01-3-746 right now) and all bets will be off! Ack!
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    As posted I too went to the Comcast location on Sheridan here in South florida - Just got the TIVO Roamio Pro - asked the girl behind the counter for the Multi - S Card - also asked her if there was any way to test the card to make sure it was working - no she said - but assured me it was fine....
    Self installed double checked Ackmed in india had all the right numbers to pair.....
    50% getting cable chanels - then code 161-1
    Have rebooted 10 times - been at this **** for 12 hrs....still same issue.

    I know it's not the TIVO that is brand new new - must be the card - had comcast mail me a second card BECAUSE I KNOW THESE PEOPLE AT COMCAST SUCK!

    Morons mailed me a second Comcast Box instead of MS card....
    Sunday no comcast office open - will have to wait till monday to waste another day at comcast - i hate these ****ing people and the yourselves a favor bombard ;

    Mr Brian L Roberts
    Comcast Communications
    One Comcast Center
    Philadelphia PA 19103

    good luck all - I'm leaving to Direct TV - done with these asshats!
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    you do know brand new stuff can issues also.
  5. WVZR1

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    The WV...


    They're not going to miss you! Doesn't sound like DirecTV is getting much either.
  6. Coolgrnmen

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    Feb 25, 2014
    I hate comcast...and I hate TWC. They will be a perfect match for each other.
  7. Corran Horn

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    Feb 12, 2002
    The key is finding knowledgeable personnel. If you hammer the Comcast twitter account they'll assign somebody on their next tier up - they usually know what they're doing. It worked for me, anyway.

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