Cold Case 3/19/2006 (S03E16) "One Night"

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    Very well played with the gay hustler and his friend; very touching. The first guy though was a bit scary... his suit reminded me a whole lot of a suit I used to have. They definitely got the style right for the era. (And I can't believe I used to own -- and wear, in public -- a suit like that!)

    Of course it is Cold Case... the "how will you make me cry tonight" show. :)
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    Feb 14, 2006
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    ::Sigh:: I didn't think this episode was great. I mean really..these guys couldn't fight back? The guy wasn't holding a gun on them or anything. I know their hands were tied, but a strategically placed kick or swing of the arms and they could have ran away... :rolleyes:

    Added: I was also aggravated that I went to watch and 60 minutes was still on..I had to wait til the commercial to see the 60 minutes clock to see how far into the show it was. But when 9:00 rolled around they couldnt put enough banners across the bottom of the screen that the movie was going to be late and when it would be starting. Way to go CBS :thumbsdown:

    Yes, I normally pad Cold Case for the football season, but I figured I didn't have to anymore. :mad:

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