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    Jan 1, 2003
    the basic price is 3333.
    If this is a voting round, Finnstang gets two votes.
    If it isn't, well, sorry. But imagine how lucky you'd feel if it were!
    zordude is trapped and cannot move. (5)-(1) did not help
    Finnstang rolls a (-1)-(1) and moves to Square #18.
    Tracy receives 154 rent from Finnstang.
    -154	Finnstang
    +154	Tracy
    BlueMerle rolls a (0)-(7) and moves to Square #15.
    Fireball receives 250 rent from BlueMerle.
    -250	BlueMerle
    +250	Fireball
    bryhamm rolls a (0)-(3) and moves to Square #20.

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