Cobra Kai - Season 3 with Spoilers

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  1. TriBruin

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    I know there is a S3 thread, but wanted to start a spoiler thread. Binge watched the season with my wife on NYD. We only watch S1 & S2 a few months ago (when it moved to Netflix). It is still a very fun show to watch.

    Overall it was an enjoyable seasons. Lots of good fan service as before.

    Be warned, I will be posting spoilers for the whole season after this post.
  2. TriBruin

    TriBruin Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Dec 10, 2003
    Bartlett, IL
    As warned spoilers for the whole season:

    I thought this was a good season, but maybe not as good as S1 or S2.

    First of all, the season was full of nostalgia. From Daniel's visit to Okinawa, to the ep. 9 & 10 with Ali's return. I think the last two episodes, with Elizabeth Shue, were the best of the season. Seeing Elizabeth, Ralph, and William back on the screen together was fun. They seemed just like old friends getting back together. But, I am glad that Ali and Johnny did not hook up. Johnny is finally getting his life in order and doesn't need to screw another thing up.

    The fight scenes were, as always, great to watch. They are so well choreographed. The production team really puts a lot of effort in to the scenes.

    I felt bad for Robby. He feels so abandoned by both his real dad and his surrogate dad. I can see why he would gravitate to Kreese, who is just exploiting Robby's pain. (Must like he is exploiting Tori's pain as well.)

    Seeing Kreese's back story was interesting. We see how he became to hard-ass he is now.

    That being said, there were a few major arcs that I could not overlook. First of all, early in the season, the time frame of Miguel's recovery was very loose. Did Johnny & Daniel just drive around for days looking for Robby while Miguel was in the hospital? Suddenly then Miguel was aware and recuperating?

    I thought that Hawk's redemption was way too easy. He broke Demeteri's arm. Then, in the final fight, he gets a conscious? And the MyagiDo and Eagle Fang group just accept him?

    But, my biggest issue with the season is the lack of common sense. Does 911 not existing in the Valley? When someone attacks you and steals your car wash money, you call 911! Someone breaks your arm, you call 911 and file charges! Someone breaks in your house YOU CALL 911! I get that it was to move the plot forward, but the lack of repercussions got boring. The only person to file an actual compliant is John Kreese (against Amanda)?
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    Forget the police. No one has a gun? You do some of that stuff in real life, and you are going to be shot dead in self defense.
  4. zalusky

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    Apr 5, 2002
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    I like to think of the show as told by a child better yet by a comic book. It was good pure entertainment. I love the sense of humor they have added to Johnny and Daniel.

    The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music during the fight was also awesome.

    Even though it was TV fighting all those actors must have had to get into pretty good training shape with a lot of those moves. The Kreese character was probably the only one I saw with a stunt double.

    I enjoyed the way they brought Ali back. I thought I had read at some point she was supposed to be the doctor that save Miguel. Maybe they even filmed it that way and took out a scene or two when they knew they had extra time with her.

    The whole show is about redemption and I wonder if thats what they will do with season 4 and Kreese. Not that I believe that Karate necessarily teaches you redemption.
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    Jul 28, 2004


    I noticed that they mentioned a surgeon had come in from out of town to treat Miguel, and then when Johnny was at the hospital they showed the doctor's back, and I was expecting at that moment she would turn around and be revealed as Ali. So I was a little surprised when that didn't happen and thought it was clever story-telling - like leading us right up to the cliff then changing directions at the last minute. But after reading your post, I now wonder if they filmed that reveal and then changed it later?

    I enjoyed watching the reunion scenes, and was happy Ali got to explain her side of the story regarding what actually happened with the college guy and the car.
  6. zalusky

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    Apr 5, 2002
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  8. Craigbob

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    Dec 1, 2006
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    I enjoyed this season even if it was a bit tropey and predictable. I'm glad Johnny made the right choice and going with Carmen. Looks like Terry Silver could be coming back for S4. BTW I love how they faked us out with who Silver was in the Viet Nam days.

    I thought initially that Chozen would be the head of the Japanese car company but the outcome would be the same. It was good to see Tamlyn Tomita and Elizabeth Shue again and having Ali and Johnny go back to Golf and Stuff was funny as was the dinner at the country club.

    A very nostalgic season I think. But in a good way and it progressed the story a bit.
  9. KungFuCow

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    May 6, 2004
    Enjoyed the season. Liked the setup for next season. Pretty obvious we're going to see Terry Silver back, maybe Mike Barnes too.

    I hope the Daniel/Johnny alliance lasts. That could make for some humorous TV.

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