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    The OCD in me wants to clean up the rats nest of cables I've got. I've got a splitter amp that gets its power over coax from a wall wart on a power strip. It only needs to be about 6" long but the current piece is measured in feet.

    I want to make up some custom length pieces of coax to tidy things up. On the piece in question I need to make sure that my fittings make contact with the coax shielding in order that a return path for the 12V DC exists. I've never added my own fittings before so my only exposure is via YouTube. In those I see the shielding being peeled back. But I'm wondering if doing this might not allow contact between the shielding (my return conductor) and the compression fitting.

    Well, I just watched another video and I think my fears are unfounded. It looks like the fitting will make good contact with the peeled back shield after all. But rather than delete this post I'll just ask if any tips. Like perhaps a good (but reasonably priced) kit with stripper & compression tool.

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    I've used both types of connectors. One has the shield folded back over the outer covering and the other is made so the ground part of the connector slides between the foam insulating the center conductor and the braid. Either worked great for me. As for a kit I have also had both crimpt and compression. I like the compression ones the best. Just my personal choice.
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