Closed Captions and Upscaling Receivers

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by retired_guy, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Are there reasonably priced receivers that will support switching between HDMI, component and s-video input while upscaling the latter two to HDMI and optionally inserting closed captions so that a common HDMI port into the TV can be used? This would eliminate having to change the input to the TV as well as switching inputs on the receiver when multiple video devices are attached to a TV using a receiver and would still allow closed captions to be used on an optional basis from all inputs. I have two Series2s and a Series3 on a common HD set and will probably add other devices in the future I'd like to use in this mode. There's no problem in doing this with the Series3, of course, but the Series2s don't have the capability to insert closed caption overlays in their video output.
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    I think the problem you'll face is that most TVs disable the internal CC decoder for the HDMI inputs, since they're expecting a digital signal there. I have a receiver that will transcode from S-Video to HDMI, but when I do that I still can't watch with captions because my TV (Samsung LT-4065) just displays "Not Available" when I try to turn on the caption decoder.

    I suppose it's *possible* that the receiver could insert captions into the video signal the same way a Series3 does, but none of the receivers that do HDMI switching will do that.

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