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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by RusRus, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. RusRus

    RusRus New Member

    Apr 8, 2013
    Chula Vista, CA


    Using WinMFS with my laptop Toshiba 500 GB 2 ½” HDD I tried to copy the software from my 3 ½” HDD to my 2 ½” HDD per the following instructions:

    · In WinMFS, select File -> Select Drive and select the original TiVo drive.

    If you aren't able to select the original TiVo drive in WinMFS, verify that it is running by placing your hand on top of the drive. With some USB adapters, you may need to power off and then power on your computer before the drive will show up in WinMFS.
    · In WinMFS, select File -> Backup to create a truncated backup. Remember where you save it.
    · Shut down Windows, turn off your computer, and disconnect the original TiVo drive. Connect your new replacement SATA drive.

    You can open your computer and connect it with a SATA cable, or you can connect it externally with a SATA->USB adapter or a drive dock.
    · Turn on your computer and launch WinMFS. If using Windows Vista, you'll want to launch WinMFS by right-clicking on WinMFS.exe and selecting "Run as Administrator."
    · In WinMFS, select File -> Select Drive and select the new replacement SATA drive
    · In WinMFS, select File -> Restore and select the backup file you saved earlier. Click Start. This will restore the TiVo software to the new drive.

    Note: Do not change the swap size. Leave it at the default of 128.
    · When the restore is complete, WinMFS will ask you if you want to expand the drive to use the new space. Click Yes.

    Both HDD’s are SATA. Can anyone tell me why it didn’t work? All I got was a gray screen.
  2. ggieseke

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    May 30, 2008
    What model of TiVo are you trying to build a new drive for, and why?

    What's the make & model of the hard drives and how were they connected to your laptop?

    Tell us exactly what you did step by step with as much detail as possible.
  3. AsSeenOnTv

    AsSeenOnTv New Member

    Apr 17, 2013
    do you have a premiere if so it wont work winmfs only worked with older tivos i think.

    why do you trying to use notebook drive? those dont work as well with heavy load of dvr recording so your better off buying a big 3.5 drive make sure the new drive is bigger than your original too
  4. RusRus

    RusRus New Member

    Apr 8, 2013
    Chula Vista, CA
    I was trying to use a Toshiba 500GB 2 1/2" HDD from my laptop for my HD DVR. I followed the steps listed in my original post.

    Since then I've gone ahead and bit the bullet and ordered a 500GB HDD for my TCD652160 Tivo from WeaKnees. Should have it in a day or so. LA to San Diego.

    Thanks for your responses though.

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