Clarification Please - TiVo Without Subscription (not stealing service!)

Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by slango, Mar 25, 2008.

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    (Mods: Please move this to appropriate area if I've chosen the wrong forum.)

    I've been searching and reading for days on this topic, but can't find a definitive answer. History: I have two lifetime subscription series 1 SA models. I bought a third series 1 (originally shipped with version 1.3 of the TiVo software) initially as a parts box. The modem is not working but everything else is fine. The box is not subscribed to the TiVo service. I'd like to use this third TiVo for VCR style recording (i.e. manual date and time) without a subscription (note: I am not asking about theft of service). The current software rev on the box is 3.0.1.

    All of the reading I've done suggests that this TiVo can be used as a digital VCR and that the original license allows this because it is an original 1.3 OS unit. However, I'm not clear on whether I need to revert to the 1.3 OS (by pulling the drive) or can leave it at 3.0.1. Also, it seems that whichever OS I use, I'll still get nag screens advising me that no guide is available.

    Can someone clarify definitively what the deal is with these older units? Remember, the modem is shot and I have no plans of adding TurboNet or other network connectivity. Also, is it legal to hack to OS to remove the nags, and if so, how? Again, to be clear, I want to stay perfectly legal.

    Thanks for any help the group can provide.
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    The deal is so long as it came from the factory with 1.3, it is eligible to record without service. It can have later versions and retain that right. I think V2.0 "broke" that, but 2.5 or 3.0 brought it back, with a flag set by TiVo to indicate it can record without sub.

    While it may be technically legal to remove the nags, it could be against board policy to discuss how.

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