Chuck: "Chuck vs. The wedding planner" OAD 4/18/2011

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    I finally caught up with this episode last night. I enjoyed it a lot. The scene with Casey being called out for claiming to be a hero and being told he had to come clean with his daughter was great.

    The wedding planner was annoying, but having Chuck and Sarah faking things to get help finding the planner was fun and led to them eventually getting a bad guy (or guys) off the streets.

    Sarah reading her father's note and pulling the money from the bank put some dust in my eyes.

    I see in current articles that Chuck is still one of the favorites in the "Save Our Shows" category with no current announcement about a renewal. I know ratings haven't been great, but I'd still like to see the show get another season. While I let myself fall behind on many TV shows I still enjoy this one a lot and would like to keep watching it in the future. :up:
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    I'm finally catching up on my Chuck episodes. I watched the wedding planner and the previous episode last night. And this was after watching the last two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It has been a long time since I laughed so much. I had trouble catching my breath several times last night.
    I'm looking forward to watching the last three episodes in the season of Chuck today. Chuck is so much better watching several epsiodes in a row for me.
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    :up::up: :D

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