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  1. jd2007

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    Jul 16, 2007


    I'm looking for some advice on a new purchase. I've owned a standalone series1 tivo w/ a lifetime subscription for about 5 years. It recently stopped booting. It started to suck for various reasons (no nic, serial cable to change channels) and is not worth repairing.

    Since I'm just not ready to upgrade everything to HD, I'd like find a cheap SD dtv receiver/tivo unit that can be connected to the Internet (I have no phone line). I'm proficient in linux but my only tivo hacking experience is adding a 2nd hard drive to a series 1.

    I'm under the impression that I can find a cheap unit on ebay, buy a wireless nic and attach it via usb to the unit (it seems the cheap ones on ebay won't have a onbaord nic), then scan through these forums to figure out how to make it all work.

    I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a unit model, a wireless nic model, and if I should anticipate any difficulty adding the tivo service to my dtv package. It looks like it's a phone call and 5 or 6 bucks a month, but it just can't be that easy, can it?

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    You could preety much go with any series 2 SD DirecTV tivo unit, I like the looks of the Phillips DSR704 and 708 the only difference between them is 40 gb vs 80 gb. You may be able to find one with a bad hard drive or the drive missing all together, odds are you will want to add a new larger one anyhow . Essentially all the series 2 tivo units are the same minus the R10 and easily hackable via the zipper. I have found lately a very affordable usb to ethernet adapter at made by airlink under 20 bux shipped. Search around on ebay for a used unit or you might want to check your local craigslist. I wouldnt pay over 50 bux shipped. Be sure to check the reciever ID with directv to make sure they will have no problems adding it to your acct. Having DTV add tivo service to your acct will be very simple for them. Directv may require you purchase a new access card for 20.00 bux. Hope that helps
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    Jun 17, 2004
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  4. JimSpence

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    Unlike your standalone TiVo, you don't add TiVo service to a DirecTV TiVo. It's part of the DirecTV DVR monthly price.
  5. jd2007

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    Jul 16, 2007


    I placed 2 calls to dtv asking about a particular unit that I saw on ebay. Both csr's had no idea what I was talking about. One transferred me to tech support. The tech support guy said when I was ready to activate a unit, to call in w/ the id's and if the unit was on someone else's account, they would simply transfer it to mine. It sounds like that's the point where I would here something like "oh, this unit can't be transferred until you pay the outstanding balance". But since I don't have the unit in hand, I can't seem to get to that point. Should I be using different terminology, ask for a different rep, pretend I'm actually activating the unit, etc?

    Also, will the access card in my D10 work in a Dtivo or will I need to buy a new one?

    Thanks again.
  6. wolflord11

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    Jan 16, 2007
    Several Questions to answer :D

    Call Directv and tell them you are interested in adding a Directv/Tivo unit to your account, but you want to check to see if there are any outstanding balances on it before you do so. You will need the units ID Number/Serial Number. Most CSR's will know what you are talking about.

    Your access card in your D10 should work in the Directv/Tivo unit. Its just a matter of unmarrying it from the D10 and marrying it to the New unit. Some CSR's will tell you it cannot be done. it can, if they can be bothered doing it.
  7. jd2007

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    Jul 16, 2007
    I read this and jumped to the conclusion that the airlink 101 which happens to be available at frys for under $20 shipped would be supported. I haven't tried it yet but I don't see it in this list referenced by the zipper instructions (can't put url here due to new subscriber restrictions)

    Am I missing something? Thanks.

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