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Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by Johnny Dancing, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. My Cape is a Recliner

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    Oct 5, 2019
    Other than the phone bot you can also pair your cable card through the spectrum website (and the app). Log in to your spectrum account / services / TV / Experiencing issues - and you can reset your cable card that way, all automated. I think you can do your initial setup that way too.

    UCLABB Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2012
    Riverside, CA
    Thanks, that’s good news. I usually have had good luck finding the right people to pair a card, but it’s always a chore to get get through the automated system to get to a human and then get to the right human.
  3. mdavej

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    Aug 13, 2015
    This must only be available in legacy TWC markets. I've never seen such a thing in legacy Charter markets. Legacy Charter does have automated modem activation, but nothing for cable card.
  4. My Cape is a Recliner

    My Cape is a Recliner Member

    Oct 5, 2019
    Don't ask for the cablecard section, ask for 'the TiVo department'.

    Nope, its Legacy Charter. Says so right at the bottom of the webpage (
  5. Rose4uKY

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    Mar 28, 2003
    Wow! I haven't heard of a Bot pairing and didn't know their was a Tivo Dept. We have Spectrum formerly TWC. We had a mess of a time we just upgraded our Roamio and bought a Bolt because of their Memorial Day Sale. We don't know what happened everything was working fine on the Roamio then all of a sudden card wouldn't pair all kinds of problems with Bolt and then my husband said can we put the card back in the Roamio cause all channels weren't coming in and use it till the tech support came out and the card wouldn't pair in it said failed. Lady said card was stressed that we tried to pair it to many times. But after 2 hours or more yesterday the Spectrum tech got us up and running with the bolt and paired and then we had to call Tivo back twice to get our old minis updated and connected now they have TE4. So we are up and running and the guy put some filters that he connected to our cables not sure what he told me about it I forget now but I thought he said they don't usually do this but then he took away our POE filter. Tivo said whatever filter he put in may be an updated POE filter but I don't remember the guy saying POE at all he just showed me these 2 silver things and said something about filters but we're working so I am happy.
  6. David Gross

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    Jun 3, 2020
    My experience today:
    Got the TiVo working but took awhile. Why you ask?
    Well Spectrum screwed up and sent the cable card and tuning adaptor BUT they sent the wrong power adapter for the tuning adapter and did not include the proper USB cable. After they came out quickly (next day at 8:30am) and set it up, seemed many channels were missing. Turns out that the Tivo defaulted to about 15 random channels in the channel list that were checked - could not figure out why. Called Spectrum again and they came out within a few hours. Turns out that Tivo randomly filled in those channels (or they were downloaded by Spectrum?) and what you must do once it is operational - you have to go in and select the channels you want to watch. It does not by default that they give you all the channels! How messed up is that? Oh and I had a bad HDMI cable that was not sending audio and was switching to the optical audio because of it on my Yamaha receiver. All in all, not a pleasant experience although the tech support was fast!
    I hope they will add AppleTV app (Fire TV has it) and HBO Max.
    One more thing: got $400 off the lifetime subscription and new 500gb Bolt. Happy about that!!
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    They who? TiVo? I wouldn't hold your breath for it.

    I recommend you buy another box/streaming stick that supports the services that you want.
  8. Rose4uKY

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    Mar 28, 2003
    Glad you finally got up and running. We came home last night turned on the TV had that static snowy screen again hadn't done it since Sun am. But we unplugged the HDMI plugged it back in all was good. Husband said maybe it's the TV. Our Nakamichi works and the remote does sound for it but he used to have our Roamio hooked into the HDMI of the soundbar and the Bolt doesn't want to do right Tivo said call Nakamichi but I am just so glad we are up and running. We got $100 off the box and $300 of Lifetime which I thought was good.
  9. karlegas

    karlegas Karl Egas

    Dec 3, 2013
    I want share my experience with a new installation of a Tivo Edge, I have a Tivo Bolt working that will be replaced and put on sale.

    I went to the store to request an additional cable card and Tuner Adapter (TA), seems the Spectrum guys are not trained about the cable card exist. Be careful Spectrum give me a package only with the power adapter and 2 coaxial cables, not include the USB cable complain about that.

    There's not more cable card department I called to phone number on my Edge Manual but goes to the Customer Service, after tell want activate the cable card and tuner adapter, only the CS can activate the Cable Card but the Tuner Adapter continues with the yellow light flashing, cannot get the SD channels.

    The call drop and decide not continue calling to the CS, I figure out that the Bolt Tuner Adapter was working I can switched on the Edge and run all the channels without problem.

    For transfer the recorded programs and One Pass I use the and made very fast, on my iPad can do the programs but for transfer the One Pass I must use the PC because is drag and drop gesture that on the iPad was not supported.

    So in the case you are updating of Tivo is better get an additional card and TA in case somethign goes wrong and don't lose your time.

    After the long weekend I will put on sale the Tivo Bolt because some tv records are not transferable.

    I have some questions, the TA will supports the 6 decoders or use only 4 as maximum as states Tivo?

    I want use the Tivo Digital Audio port with a bluetooth adapter to use my headphone in the night, that not interfere with the HDMI audio?

  10. mdavej

    mdavej Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2015
    - I have used several Charter Spectrum TAs the past several years. All worked fine with 6 tuners. But there is a remote possibility you could have a decades old one that doesn't. Even if it is old, the firmware should automatically update. I would simply record all 6 and see if it works. If it doesn't, try again to get the new TA working.

    - You can use the optical and HDMI ports simultaneously.
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  11. austinsho

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    Karl....Always when dealing with Spectrum and activating a TiVo, get I multiples in equipment. The last Roamio Pro I activated, I had to get three cards and two adapters before hitting on a combination that properly worked. I have not had an issue using my six tuner TiVo with any tuning adapter. I'm thinking the TA simply routes the channel, it's not like all six streams are going through it at once.

    There are three Spectrum stores in my market (Austin, Texas) of the three stores ONE has a person well-versed in Cable Card/TiVo.

    Regarding getting stuff activated, yes, the so-called Cable Card line now just goes to customer service. However, if you tell the first person who answers that you need to activate a Cable Card and a Tivo, they will usually route you directly to someone who (generally) knows what they are doing. Now, some front line operators may tell you they can activate your TiVo. It's been my experience that you should not give them this opportunity, that it's better that a single person do the entire job. This is especially important if this is a person's first TiVo, as the front line folks will invariably miss some of the codes that must be attached to the account to properly activate the equipment.

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