Charter + Moving + TivoHD = bleh

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by bigusmfan, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Just a brief recounting of my ordeal to get the new Tivo up and running. Got my Tivo HD from Circuit City on July 25. We’re moving so Charter was scheduled to come out and install an HD box on the 25th afternoon anyway. Prior to buying the HD, I called Charter and had them change the order to 2 cablecards instead. The CSR assured me that the work order was changed and they would speak with the tech before he went out. Of course, the tech showed up without the cards. Not surprising but disappointing.

    Called and scheduled 2 cablecards install for the 26th. Meet tech at new house. Interesting twist, I was actually 10 min late for the appointment and the tech was on time. Of course, he new nothing about the cablecards and had thought he was just installing a box. Found 1 card in the truck and came back inside. After I advised that I needed 2, he searched for a little while and found a second card. All this time, he’s telling me that he’s never done the Tivo install before. The Charter operator he calls has never done a cablecard install before. This is a great combination of firsts, I’m thinking.

    Long story short, he leaves after telling me that the cards have been activated. We went through the cablecard install portion of the Tivo setup. He tells me that it takes a while for the activation to hit the cards. I seem to recall some discussion of that when the S3s were first being put in and I acquiesce and let him leave. He’s give me his cell # and says to call if I have any problems. I figured I would check back that evening when I came back to the new place. This the 26th and we are in the process of moving so no time to dawdle. Even given the following, I'm pretty sure he just get it done right.

    As I’m back at the old place, the wife calls and tells me that someone has knocked down the cable line running from the house to the pole. This is the line that the tech on the 25th had just run. There’s construction going on next door, so you guess what happened. Now, I have no cable, no HSI, no VOIP, no lovely Tivo HD. My radioshack bowtie antenna is hiding somewhere in the move. Not that it matters anyway as I don’t get to a point where I could worry about it until about 1:00 a.m. that evening.

    Future: Charter is supposed to be back out this morning to reattach the cable. No Tivo HD hookup yet due to lack of time. But, at lunch I will be calling Charter to have the cards hit again. At the least, tonight there will be an antenna attached and I will check out the OTA stations. Can’t wait.

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