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    On July 3, the local PBS station, WTVI in Charlotte (42-1, and its subchannels 42-2 and 42-3), was the last local station to change frequencies in the broadcast television repack. But my original, white TiVo Bolt is not picking up the station after a rescan. I know the drill, having rescanned after the transition of other local stations.

    With other stations that were repacked, the channel numbers representing the old frequencies have an asterisk next to them in the channel list. Not so for WTVI and its subchannels; no asterisks.

    This morning I connected the antenna directly to a TV and did a channel scan. WTVI and its subs come in great on the TV, so I know the problem is with the TiVo.

    I’m going to try to work through this with TiVo Customer Support today, but I thought I’d post here to see if others have had the same problem, either here in Charlotte trying to get WTVI or in other markets. I did a search of tivocommunity but didn’t come up with much. Thanks.
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    May be that TiVo does not have that channel in its list with the new parameters for your postal code. Blind scanning is poor for picking up unlisted channels with the TiVo. You may try using a different postal code to see if it is listed in a different community channel listings. I have had problems with cell phone interference on my Bolt on real channel 13, that the TV did not have problems with. My issues were solved with a LTE filter. (note: not near your area)
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