Channel List Keeps Incorrectly Changing

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tmelander, May 31, 2020.

  1. tmelander

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    May 31, 2020
    I'm so frustrated with Tivo right now. They've made channel list changes that are completely incorrect, the guide doesn't match the live feed, starting in December, then making a bunch of changes soon thereafter that don't match the programming. I don't know where they're getting them from. I have a Bolt, am a Comcast/Xfinity subscriber in Minneapolis with nearly all the channels. So, I call in:

    1) I provide a few of the channels at issue, and they tell me that's enough, that the person who's in charge of making changes will figure out the rest. That didn't happen. They changed the few channels I told them about.

    2) I call back and go through pretty much the same conversation. There are so many channel wrong that I spend a LOT of time on the phone until the agent tells me this is enough, all problems will be fixed. Same story as last time. They only changed the channel listing I specifically mentioned.

    3) On Friday I have all my ducks in a row. I have my Comcast channel listing, and I tell Tivo every channel they've got wrong. I got through them all, and I was pretty satisfied the problem would be resolved. Today I get a message that various other channels have moved (they haven't) and a whole bunch of the channels I had them correct in 1 and 2 above were "deleted" (they weren't, the live feed from Comcast is still the same).

    As far as I can tell, Comcast made changes in December and pretty much hasn't changed its lineup since, (one exception, they had to keep Starz for a short while) yet Tivo has gone crazy making changes that don't match the programming at all.

    I have no idea where they're getting this other incorrect information from. I've told them about the incorrect changes they've been making, but they appear unphased that anything larger is going on. What to do?
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  2. unclehonkey

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    Dec 20, 2012
    Mankato, MN
    use the report a lineup change
    Report a Lineup Change

    interesting that other folks with Comcast in Minneapolis havent mentioned it.
  3. JoeKustra

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    Dec 7, 2012
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    They can get incorrect information from anybody. First, get a lineup on which is 99% accurate. Using the above mentioned form, they ask "where did you get your information?". That web site uses Gracenote, so that's your source. Do not use since they use TiVo's data. Also, don't expect data past 8 days to be worth changing. If it's good for 8 days, live with it. Everything past that is junk and fix the first week first. My experience is if you catch an error it can be fixed in about four days. If they fix it you will get an email. When you ask for it to be fixed you get an email. Print it and write the problem on it. Good luck.
  4. tmelander

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    May 31, 2020
    Thanks, both, but...The form wants all the problem channels. I've given them changes like asked for on the form, but they're not fixing the problem. Also, why would I give them a channel lineup that is not Xfinity's lineup directly? Other than the fact, of course, that I can't get a link that is specific to my location. Thanks, Comcast. And I have no idea what you're saying with data past 8 days. I just want the guide to reflect the programming that is on now. They don't have the channels right, so 8 days is the least of my worries.
  5. kpeters59

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    Have you tried using a different Zip Code from around your area?


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