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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Bill Tangren, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Jun 26, 2020


    I own a Tivo series 6. Not sure if that is relevant or not. The operating system seems to be up to date.

    Here's the issue. I get only a limited number of channels that my cable provider offers, by choice. I have gone through the channel list and removed the checkmarks next to the channels I do not receive. The problem is, when i channel surf (use the up/down arrow to scroll through channels), use the Guide button to scroll through channels, or when searching for something to record, Tivo ALWAYS shows me the channels I told it to ignore. I am constantly choosing programs to watch that are not in fact available to be viewed. And in any of the above mentioned ways, I can't tell ahead of time whether or not it is one of my allowed channels. As best as I can tell, the Channel List does nothing.

    Is there any way the operating system can be fixed to stop this behavior?
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    When your guide is displayed, hit the "A" key. Choose the option for "Channels:" to My Channels. I prefer Favorites, with the checked channels reserved for those like C-SPAN since I seldom watch it. My cable company has 400 channels. I pay for 150. I check 50 and have 20 favorites.

    The channel list does affect the Search option.
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