channel 2 problem in dayton ohio

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    Jul 2, 2018
    My tivo has been working great for over a year. lately channel 2 wouldn't work it showed a V52 error. the channel works on my tv but no on the tivo. I called tivo and we did all sorts of resets, rescans etc. the tivo tech said i have a weak channel. I called by atenna installer and he said the atenna i have is a 360 degree and doesn't need to be adjusted. he said in my location I am too close to the tv stations attenas that he could not put a booster on. I trust my atenna tech because he had the opportunity to sell me some products/services and not to many companies would turn down the opportunity to sell you something you may not need. I don't understand why this happened for no apparent reason. I do understand why the channel works on my tv but not the tivo. tivo explained that my roamio has 4 turners and the tv only has 1 tuner. Does anyone have a suggestion ? thanks.
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