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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ps56k, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. ps56k

    ps56k New Member

    Oct 6, 2006


    I have a S2DT with Comcast analog standard cable.
    The system works fine - except lately channel 2 is unreliable,
    while all the other channels are rock solid.

    The coax cable plugs directly into the Tivo, and the RCA connectors plug into the TV.
    There are no other splitters or anything on the coax line - it's a direct connection.

    Channel 2 lately has been showing some faint horizontal lines, and the signal appears to come and go. No static or snow.... just here, and then Tivo blue screen. Thought it might be a Comcast problem, as we have channel 2 here in Chicago, and it might be direct RF interference.

    So, this morning, I wanted to verify the Comcast problem, and see how the channel 2 signal goes away.....
    it gets more interesting.

    I unplugged the cable, and plugged it into the TV just to see what would happen... On channel 2 - same faint horizontal lines, a little shakey, but the signal never went away. All the other signals show rock solid.

    So - There must be something going on with the Tivo tuner and a signal threshold or sync or what ??? that is causing the Tivo tuner to drop only channel 2, and then re-acquire it.

    I need to get this resolved before the new season starts.... CSI, The Unit, Criminal Minds, Numbers, etc

    ideas ??
  2. JimSpence

    JimSpence Just hangin'

    Sep 19, 2001
    Binghamton, NY
    I believe you have a weaker ch2 signal. A slightly corroded cable connection could cause this by attenuating the lower VHF frequencies. Ch 2 being affected more.
  3. ps56k

    ps56k New Member

    Oct 6, 2006
    tnx - yeah, it's interesting that chan 2 @ 55mhz is affected,
    but chan 3 @ 61mhz is rock solid.
    That's why I was thinking that somewhere along the chain,
    the actual Channel 2 RF is getting into things and causing combined interference.
    Or - from my HAM days, a nice 6meter transmitter on 52mhz would cause havoc on Chan 2.

    Wonder if a cheap amp help any - or screw up the rest of the channels ?

    AIR - 2 - 55.25 - VHF-LO
    AIR - 3 - 61.25 - VHF-LO
    AIR - 4 - 67.25 - VHF-LO
    AIR - 5 - 77.25 - VHF-LO
    AIR - 6 - 83.25 - VHF-LO
    AIR - 7 - 175.25 - VHF-HI
    AIR - 8 - 181.25 - VHF-HI
    AIR - 9 - 187.25 - VHF-HI
    AIR - 10 - 193.25 - VHF-HI
    AIR - 11 - 199.25 - VHF-HI
    AIR - 12 - 205.25 - VHF-HI
    AIR - 13 - 211.25 - VHF-HI
  4. webkris

    webkris New Member

    Dec 13, 2007
    I have the exact same problem with my Series 2 single tuner.
    In the last week Channel 2 took a dump.

    Channel 2 direct to my TV looks clear and fine.
    Channel 2 on my TiVo says "Searching for Signal" on Basic Cable.
    When I un-hook and re-hook the connection (DIRECT to the WALL) it comes in for a few seconds, I get the horizontal white lines and then it goes to the black "searching for signal" screen. :(

    Driving me nuts - CSI is on right now to taunt me BTW...

    How do I solve this?!?
    It took me 3 hours of searching to find THIS thread alone.

    I have un-plugged and tried EVERYTHING.
    - Kris
  5. NJ_HB


    Mar 21, 2007


    I have the same problem. It is so bad at times that I want to uncheck that channel off analog and only use it from digital but that negates the DT functionality, AND THEN you cannot schedule digital channels (<100) from the TiVo wesite because it considers anything less than 100 analog. Before this version, the DT would select the 'stronger' signal to record but not anymore.

    I thought it was my cable provider all these months.

    Cablevision/Central NJ.
  6. retnuh47591

    retnuh47591 New Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    Vincennes, IN
    Count me in as having this problem too. It happens on my older single tuner box and is usually worse in the mornings for some reason. I thought it was either the Charter signal or a bad piece of coax. I changed out the coax run to the unit and it ia better but not much.
  7. jrm01

    jrm01 New Member

    Oct 17, 2003
    Do any of you with this problem have any splitters on your line that have an unused port? These become great conduits for ingress of OTA signal. Usually it just distorts the signal rather than the symptom that you describe, but just thought I'd ask.

    Hard to believe that your cable provider would assign channels in this way. Usually the cable lignup stays away from using the OTA channel numbers for anything important (relegated to fyi, local access, etc.) for this very reason.
  8. webkris

    webkris New Member

    Dec 13, 2007
    Okay - Here's the thing: Right now, all of my basic cable channels look very good. I'd say 70-80&#37; of them are digital quality and on the rest of the channels I get a slight grain. They don't look over-modulated or under-modulated. No AC roll, no fuzzy antenna look at all.

    I've rebooted my TiVo 5 times now... :mad:

    I go out and get a quality 'cable signal booster'.
    Plug it in - and turn up the 'boost'.
    I see no quality increase or decrease.
    Try every combination and fiddle with it for an hour.
    Channel 2 continues to do the exact same thing.

    Channel 2 comes in crystal clear on my Sony TV.
    When I un-plug / re-plug the cable into the TiVo I GET the channel crystal clear for about 3-4 seconds. Then these horizontal white lines show up and jag across the screen.
    Signal lost.

    At this point - the only solution I can think of is: :mad:
    Get an FM modulator with channel changing capability (a VCR, a cable box for older TV's - serial channel changing would be nice) I'll hook that to the cable and reset using the RCA connectors and a IR or channel changing gizmo. I wonder if my Sony TV has RCA outs... :( :( :(

    What happened to my TiVo in the last 2 weeks?
    Can I un-do an update?
    (BTW - I'm a Network Engineer and worked in a TV studio as a kid)

    Any ideas?
    Thanks for the help guys! :)
  9. webkris

    webkris New Member

    Dec 13, 2007
    Okay - I figured out a work-around.
    I warn you all - This is not a solution. This is a BS workaround that I had to employ if I ever wanted to TiVo 'The Amazing Race', 'CSI', etc. AGAIN...

    First I started by hooking up a VCR to my basic cable. Yes - that's right TiVo people. A VCR... I haven't used it in 4 years - but it works. My plan was to just record the CBS (Channel 2) shows that I can't be without.

    Then I'm like - What if I make the TiVo think that I have a Sat box and I hook the video from the VCR into the RCA IN of the TiVo??

    VCR - hooked to cable - RCA out to TiVo 'satellite' IN.
    TiVo - hooked to cable - S-Video out to my Sony TV.

    Turn on the VCR and hit 'TV-VCR' - now GO to channel 2.
    Repeat the guided setup (OMG-BS-Workaround...) and lie to your TiVo.
    Tell it you have cable AND sat.
    It will bring up the 'satellite' - A.K.A YOUR VCR.
    Pick IR to change the channels.
    It will ask you 20 times if the channels have changed.
    Nothing will happen you will be just sitting there watching CBS for the first time in 2 weeks...
    Lie and say YES!
    It will ask you to select a sat provider - just hit one and move on.
    It will then DL all the channel info for 20 min.

    When it's done, go to settings - channels - UN-CHECK EVERY CHANNEL listed next to (satellite). Did I mention this was BS... :mad:
    Yes... There ARE 900 channels... I probably should replace my remote battery.
    Find KCBS (channel 384 or something) and check ONLY that.
    This way TiVo will grab the programming info for KCBS - and when it goes to record it will switch to the RCA inputs - - Where YOU have left your VCR on channel 2.

    A possible 'livable' side-effect of this. I can now throw an old tape in my VCR and record it with my TiVo. Then I can TiVo2Go it up to my PC. Not worth all this hassle IMHO.

    What are they putting down channel 2 that could be doing this??
    Would video of this help??

    :p now that my VCR is hooked up I could record it... turn to channel 2 and TiVo it... then send it to my PC... then wmv it... then show it to ANYONE THAT WILL HELP!

  10. webkris

    webkris New Member

    Dec 13, 2007
    Well - the issues have been resolved and I want to say that it appears to NOT have been my TiVo's fault. :D

    $60 Video amplifier did NOTHING.

    It was 100% the fault of the cable here. Something was wacky on the line and it was causing no-Tivo's to receive the channel. (I finally got over to a neighbors house - and to their surprise they didn't even miss Channel 2, or know that they no longer received it.)

    While the cable company was 'fixing' things they changed a channel from 17 to 69 and it took them forever to update the channel listings. My 'workaround hack' was handy - so I used it to get channel 69 through my VCR while the channel listings were updated.

    So - talk to your neighbors and find another TiVo unit on the same local cable to see if it's a cable issue or a TiVo issue. Get them to call and pester your cable company. Call yourself... Keep calling... Call them late...

    Hope that helps! - Kris

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