Changing my Tivo networking setup. Can this be done?

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    My setup, as of now, is like on the left. My modem/router combo is provided by AT&T U-verse and has a built-in 4 port switch. Right now, all 4 ports are occupied by 3 Tivo units and my PC which acts as my Plex media server for the household. I would like to free up some of the ports to mimic the diagram on the right. I have a spare 5 port switch lying around which I can use. How difficult is this to do? Will the Tivo set up it's own IP address if I plug it into the standalone switch, or will I have to do that manually? Also, will my Plex PC that also has the Tivo Desktop software on it, will that still find my Roamio on the network automatically and still be able to pull recordings onto it?
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    Yes, that's a normal tweak, to add a network switch to add additional Ethernet LAN ports. Assuming a simple network switch, the TiVo boxes won't notice any difference between being connected via the standalone switch or the router's built-in switch.

    For best performance, you could move the PC connection to the switch, as well.
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