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Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by dcahoe, Jul 23, 2007.

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    I have found many posts around the web about writing a script which modifies the IR codes in the TiVo's database to allow an unsupported device to work in place of a supported device in the unit.

    I see in the script where the IR codes are actually entered and have found a write up on the code format. Here is a sample section of the script:

    setIr $tivoir "Dig0" "x x x x x x x"
    setIr $tivoir "Enter" "x x x x x x x"

    My question is can any codes other than the digits 0-9 and ENTER be changed? I am particularly interested in 'Channel Up' and 'Channel Down'. I don't need the codes for my device for these buttons, I am just curious as to what I would place in the script in place of say "Dig0" or "Enter" to tell the TiVo to replace the 'Channel Up' (or Down) codes.

    I'm looking for the format of these key words that the 'setIr $tivoir' command recognizes. Thanks.
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    For now, TiVo supports only 0-9 and Enter. The TiVo software does other features itself, such as Channel up/down and last channel, albit sending a full channel change to the box.

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