CES attendees- Did you see Barton's talks?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by Justin Thyme, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Contra sceleris

    Mar 29, 2005


    Did any of you folks that attended CES2006 happen to attend either of the sessions that Barton presented at? These sessions were sponsored by EE Times so they were probably only promoted to professionals. I have underlined potions that echo what I have been saying regarding multimode (internet, cable, dbs) Tivos.
  2. megazone

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    Mar 3, 2002
    No, I didn't do any of the panel sessions, there is usually an extra fee for those.
  3. ChuckyBox

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    Oct 3, 2005
    Justin, you may be interested to know that TiVo's new VP of Content Services is talking today:

    NATPE 2006
    Insight Arena: Technology & Distribution: Advanced Opportunity
    4:30-5:20 PM
    Mandalay Bay Resort
    Las Vegas, NV
    Tuesday January 24, 2006
    Speaker: Tara Maitra, Vice President, General Manager, Content Services, TiVo Inc.

    I doubt TiVo will provide a webcast of this talk, but I'd be interested to know what she says. Tara came to TiVo via Comcast and Primedia. I think she's going to be our long tail advocate, and it will be interesting to see what she comes up with.
  4. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Contra sceleris

    Mar 29, 2005
    Yes, that was my take on Maitra when she came on what- last fall sometime.

    I could see her group cherry picking off of YouTube and Google the "best of", persuading them to go for big time exposure via Tivo servers in higher res using Mpeg2... Who knows maybe they rope TiVoShanan into hosting it kind of in a home videos type format. Maybe aggregate them into 30 minute shows... Or maybe keep them fragmented for easier referencing on a handheld or even a tivo. You really want thumbs up down to get an idea of viewer preferences so yeah- probably this content needs to remain fragmented. OK. So they can play it as an aggregated show complete with witty commentary and segways by making a new mode where you play all videos in a folder so user doesn't have to click around every 2 minutes. Then you have the granularity you need for user preferences metering, and referencing content metadata, but still have the playability.

    Ultra shorts- that is 1.5 to 3 minutes seems the norm for the often viewed content. That may be a reflection of desk oriented viewing vs couch oriented. I dunno- It would be interesting to know details on how the market is segmented. Probably a little early though seeing as how Google video is only in its what- second week. (Only this morning they went to a format with huge network content in mini icons at the top- before they only had a few pay ones at the top.)

    YouTube of course has been around a lot longer. I personally like it because it gives the user ratings and number of views.

    Peter Sellers' line in "Being There" keeps coming up in my head... "I like to watch". And there is a LOT more to watch now. The variety is pretty astounding. Of course the pubescent Anime stuff has been around a long time but I am talking about stuff people are doing with beer cans on various parts of their body, or boys with dangerous toys, or extremely odd but fascinating skills people have picked up.

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