Central Park on Apple TV+ (spoilers for season one)

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    Thought I would start a thread for anyone else giving this new show a try. It's an animated musical (!) from Josh Gad and the creator of Bob's Burgers.

    It may or may not have been something I would have tried out, though advance reviews have been good, because I don't really care for the Bob's Burgers animation style (though I accept that the show itself is terrific). This show copies or is at least reminiscent of that. But I do love animation, and two other things drew me to it. One is the musical aspect; hearing original songs by talented songwriters like Sara Bareilles seemed like fun. And two, one of the voice leads is Kristen Bell, whom I will watch or listen to in anything. She gets to do lots of singing here.

    I've watched the first episode and it was enjoyable enough. Interestingly, the show is going to be at least partly serialized and this episode set up the (presumably) season-long arc of Bitsy planning to buy and develop the park. Bitsy is played by Stanley Tucci, who seems to be having a good time. The whole voice cast is excellent, actually. So I'll watch the next episodes (I don't think Apple has dropped the whole season yet) and see where it goes. If nothing else, we get to hear KB sing some more.

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