CBSN Original: The War on Science, extremists on 4chan

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    Was watching this in the CBS app while I have CBS All Access.

    I think the whole ep is at Was weird to see there's a convention of flat earthers. They talked to the science teacher (who is also principal) of a Christian school in Texas who teaches creationism and doesn't believe in evolution. He asserted that that dinosaurs did coexist with humans and that was 5000 years ago. :eek:

    For whatever reason, the above episode then led into an unrelated topic where they spoke to a guy who is active on 4chan. I'd heard about the craziness that is 4chan from the TWiT podcast and a co-worker but wow... this guy was extreme in terms of his profanity, racial slurs and his attitudes. It seemed like he became very desensitized and had not much of a moral compass. It seems like has what I saw + some that I didn't.
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    4chan is essentially a bunch of trolls and like all troll sections of the internet it attracts people who don't think it is a joke.
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    This is a revelation to you? I hate to tell you, but there are millions of Americans who think like that. It's a minority position, but barely. (And many of the rest are only slightly less ignorant.)

    Yeah, actually I was shocked when I first realized it, too. There was a time when I thought of creationists as extreme fringe nut-jobs, like... well, flat-Earthers. But that was decades ago.
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