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Cat5 or coax

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by timchi29, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Jan 8, 2017 #1 of 11

    timchi29 Member

    Feb 25, 2005
    I purchased a new mini for the family room (already have one in bedroom via coax) and have the option of cat5 or coax? What is recommended? The mini with coax drops occasionally, but have no idea what that's about.
  2. Jan 8, 2017 #2 of 11

    krkaufman TiVo shepherd

    Nov 25, 2003
    IMO, the answer depends, first, on how many DVRs you have and how they're connected, via Ethernet or MoCA(coax).

    And then, even if all the DVRs are networked via MoCA, I'd be hesitant to recommend a MoCA connection for your new Mini, with an Ethernet connection available, if the recurring MoCA "drops" aren't addressed. If you want help troubleshooting the MoCA issue, you'll find TCF a helpful place, fed enough information.
  3. Jan 8, 2017 #3 of 11

    mdavej Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2015
    I would do whatever is cheaper and easier. A/V performance will be the same either way. Pulling cat5 into the room opens up more LAN connection possibilities should you decide to add more devices in the future. I would say most Moca users don't have much choice. You're lucky that you can do both.
  4. Jan 8, 2017 #4 of 11

    krkaufman TiVo shepherd

    Nov 25, 2003
    From a bandwidth standpoint I doubt they'd notice much of any difference, but the "TiVo whole home" uptime may be affected by how the MoCA network is created and how things are wired.
  5. Jan 8, 2017 #5 of 11

    SNJpage1 Well-Known Member

    May 25, 2006
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  6. Jan 9, 2017 #6 of 11

    alex_h Member

    Feb 10, 2004
    I wired my house during the HDirecTivo with OTA via antenna era... I wasn't sure on technology, phone, etc... so my house has something like 4 Cat 5 + 3 Coax (1 Phone, 2 Ethernet, 1 Spare, on Cat 5, and 2 Satellite + 1 OTA) at each location. I've lit up a few of the Ethernet ports...
  7. Sparky1234

    Sparky1234 Member

    May 8, 2006
    Cat 6 with 1GhZ connectors, hubs, routers, etc., for future proofing. Mine works great!
  8. Series3Sub

    Series3Sub Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2010
    Well, if one wants to hardwire with Cat--whatever, performance would only as good as ther person's network. So, if one has a robust wired network that can handle multiple streams without getting too hot and certian the router grants priority to video streams, then fine. But if one has a lousy network, then MoCA would likely be preferred.

    I have all my TiVo's wired to my LAN. I got Cat6 for future proofing and since it cost the same as Cat5 from where I puchase it (although I don't thing the retailer I use even carries Cat5 anymore) and a very robust, capable router that can handle nearly whatever is thrown at it. So, TiVo works great on my LAN. For me MoCA would have been more trouble, but I think TiVo pushes and recommend MoCA because TiVo does not know how robust an individual's home network is.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2017
  9. malba2366

    malba2366 New Member

    Aug 18, 2014
    I have been using MOCA flawlessly for over 2 years now. I have a wired ethernet (mix of cat5e from when the house was built and cat 6 at newer drops) but until the MOCA becomes unreliable I would rather keep the TIVI/Mini data on MOCA to reduce the load on my ethernet network.
  10. Time_Lord

    Time_Lord Member

    Jun 4, 2012
    I think you've found that it is personal preference often dictated by what is available at the location the unit is going to be installed.

    I'm using Ethernet simply because I'm more familiar with it and I had run Ethernet throughout the house years ago. Does MoCA work? sure works fine, I've used it simply as a test and had no issues whatsoever with it.

    Rules to follow - properly terminated CoAX, no unterminated CoAX connections (splitter or runs), no kinked CoAX, CoAX braids properly attached and not exposed, no crushed dielectric, etc...

  11. Mikeguy

    Mikeguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    I'm just curious: I know that it's all individual dependent, but do retrofit installers usually do a good job in getting it done right? Or is it more like the TV cable field, where so much seems to go wrong?

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