Castle 9/26/11 "Heroes and Villains"

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Rob Helmerichs, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000


    I don't know what's funnier...that Beckett has such a profound knowledge of comic books, or that said knowledge doesn't even make Castle blink.

    By the way, that Castle graphic novel is real, from Marvel Comics (who, of course, get most of the shout-outs tonight).
  2. matt@thehickmans

    matt@thehickmans Hemo_jr

    Jan 8, 2008
    Actually slicing someone in half - the long way - even with something as sharp as a samurai sword is incredibly difficult. It certainly would've eliminated the gal from the suspect pool and pretty much everyone else, as well.
  3. LoadStar

    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    Sounds like a job for Mythbusters. I wonder if it is even humanly possible to do that. My guess... no.

    The ending with the (other) writer and the (other) cop was already a bit anvilicious... but did they go out of their way to find another actress that sounded so very close to Stana Katic? I closed my eyes a bit during that scene, and it was like Beckett talking to herself.

    What's up with Alexis' attitude all of a sudden? It's like she suddenly realized she was a teenager a bit late. And the infatuation with Ashley is getting a little old... I wonder how long until that ends.

    I wonder if any of those comics (besides for the aforementioned Derrick Storm graphic novel) they showed were real. Probably just art department mockups, I'd guess... but if they were real, I wonder if they were one of the actor's real collection, or just on loan to the show.
  4. matt@thehickmans

    matt@thehickmans Hemo_jr

    Jan 8, 2008
    Likely the blade would have become stuck after cutting an inch or so through the top of the skull. The bone of the human skull is hard and dense - even if it doesn't feel that way when you bump it. When Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn executed, he had to send to France for a swordsman who would be able to handle simply cutting cleanly through the woman's neck.
  5. john4200

    john4200 Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2009


    I didn't really get a good look at the body. Did they show a split head, or was that part always covered?

    I guess that it might be possible to do it by going in at shoulder and coming in at an angle, finishing just to the side of the tailbone (never crossing the spine). That wouldn't technically be "in half", but the results would be close to the little that I observed that was not covered in this episode. Not that even that would be easy, I would think it would take a hulk of a man, a very sharp sword, and a lot of luck. But at least with the method I described, the largest bones you'd have to go through would be the collarbone and in the rib cage.
  6. IDSmoker

    IDSmoker Member

    Apr 10, 2004
    Boise, ID

    I spent most of the episode believing that the killer had to be some giant and waiting for them to address that at some point in the investigation. I was expecting the killer to be played by yet another pro wrestler with an itch for a more legitimate acting job.

    I also fully expect to see this show up in an upcoming Mythbusters episode... haven't they already 'busted' a stunt done on Castle (or am I thinking of another procedural)?
  7. Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000
    Especially with a samurai sword, which is pretty light. And I doubt a sword that would be heavy enough would be sharp enough..?
  8. busyba

    busyba The Funcooker

    Feb 5, 2003
    Maybe not through the top of the skull down, but a slanted cut from the base of the neck down through the torso and out the crotch is absolutely possible.

    All it takes is a really good sword and some skill.

    I have little to no skill and with a decent katana I was able to perform a cut that was the equivalent of going cleanly through a human upper arm.
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia The Question

    Jan 30, 2005
    Boston, MA
    The actress is Valerie Azlynn, better known to some of us here on TCF as the fake bachelorette from Joe Schmo 2...
  10. JYoung

    JYoung Series 3

    Jan 16, 2002
    Los Angeles

    Which is kind of funny when you realize that Fillion has voiced two DC superheroes.

    In which Jon Huertas also appeared as "TJ the Playa".
  11. Legion

    Legion Member

    Aug 24, 2005
    What about Castle's little nod to Game of Thrones?
  12. balboa dave

    balboa dave well rounded

    Jan 19, 2004
    They had to do that so Castle could make his "two half men" joke.
  13. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    Now, they've had only the 2nd episode that I remember that was even slightly complex. I had to go back a few minutes at the end and re-listen to the cop's explanation and then the final killer's explanation.. (There was another episode, IIRC with an accountant killer, that I didn't really get after the fact.)

    I even FFed through the whole episode.. I didn't even remember seeing the female cop... she was only in the VERY beginning saying something like "you've gotta see this" when the two leads get there.
  14. LoadStar

    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    Yeah, when it was looking like it was her (briefly) I said that next week, the killer would be Mr. Not Appearing In This Show.
  15. ClutchBrake

    ClutchBrake Pass the gravy!

    Sep 5, 2001
    Very meh season for me thus far. Hope it gets better.
  16. Wil

    Wil Unknown Member

    Sep 26, 2002
    Meh is a very generous review.

    This series has always been a little heavy with its light touch ("Get it? Do you get it? Do you see what we did here? Wasn't that cute? Watch here, we're going to be clever and subtle again"), and so far this season we've had a hammering fist.
  17. Polcamilla

    Polcamilla -b±√(b^2 - 4ac)/2a

    Nov 7, 2001
    What do you expect from this guy?

  18. loubob57

    loubob57 Cancer sucks! TCF Club

    Mar 19, 2001
    Bedford, TX
    I also think that slicing in half would be extremely difficult. The sword would need to have a lot more heft than a samurai sword. Somewhere (maybe the Videos that make you say WTF thread) I saw a broadsword being used to slice through pig carcasses. It was about 5 feet long and being swung very hard by a very large guy.

    I did like the Conan reference. Was that to Conan the Librarian? He sliced a guy completely in half for returning a book late. (Weird Al's movie UHF)
  19. alyssa

    alyssa Active Member

    Dec 7, 2003
    Sunny SoCal
    Has anyone submitted the "split a human in half" idea to mythbusters yet?
  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia The Question

    Jan 30, 2005
    Boston, MA
    A quick Google search suggests that it's possible...(or at least, people claim it's possible)

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