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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Patuxent, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Patuxent

    Patuxent New Member

    Jul 30, 2004
    Sammamish, WA


    I'm running TiVo Desktop 2.1
    I've been able to transfer recordings from the DVR to PC many times successfully.
    But occasionally I will start a transfer and it will get interrupted. When I attempt to restart the transfer, the title in the "Pick Recordings to Transfer" dialog says "Details unavailable". :mad: And I cannot transfer the recording.
    This title seems to be permanently flagged as "Details unavailable". Even if I attempt to transfer that recording between to another TiVo, I get the message that it can't be transferred.
    I can see and play the program fine on the TiVo. But it is not available on the TiVo Desktop.
    Is there a solution to this problem? I'm thinking the program listing got corrupted somehow and needs to be rebuilt.
  2. funtoupgrade

    funtoupgrade New Member

    Mar 15, 2005
    Some programs are flagged by TiVo as non-transferrable for copyright reasons.
  3. Patuxent

    Patuxent New Member

    Jul 30, 2004
    Sammamish, WA
    Understood. This is not one of those copy protected recordings.
    Those are uniquely flagged that they can't be copied. This has happened on occasion on each of the TiVos I own.

    The recordings initially look like all of the other recordings that I can transfer to PC. Only after the occasional transfer interruption does the program listing in Desktop say "Details unavailable" for that recording.
  4. foxtwc

    foxtwc New Member

    Mar 10, 2006
    This solution worked for me. I had stopped the transfer process and the desktop later said the details for this program were not available. I tried some other ideas people had posted about deleting dat files but that did not work. Deleting the files in the cache directory and restarting desktop did work

  5. sghogan

    sghogan New Member

    Mar 21, 2002


    What type of programs are non transferable? Are they flagged so that you can see this protection?
  6. windracer

    windracer No More TiVo :-(

    Jan 3, 2003
    St. Pete, FL
    Foxtwc beat to me own post! :) Clearing the desktop cache has always resolved the "details unavailable" problem for me. As to why it occurs in the first place, couldn't tell ya.

    As to sghogan's question, certain programs will not be transferrable, like downloaded content (Rocketboom), and they will have the "no" symbol next to them in TiVo Desktop.

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