Can't get to GSOD - trying to re-marry external drive

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by joehobson, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Oct 18, 2011


    I was getting grey screens on my TivoHD (probably because I removed the cable cards and was only using the analog cable connection). Before I learned about the analog tuner issue, I removed my external drive to check it for errors. Plugged it into a Windows XP PC and ran diagnostics on it. Seemed okay. Reconnected it to my Tivo, and now it keep getting the "Wrong External Storage Device" error when booting. I'm trying to do KS57, but whenever it reboots (after entering the code), I just get the same "Wrong External Storage Device" screen. I can't get to the GSOD to cleanup the drive databases. Instead when the Tivo reboots, I get the "Almost there..." screen and no diagnostics. I'd really like to re-marry the drive without losing my shows. Any advice?
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    Windows must have written something to the drive. Or did you use a bootable disc for the diagnostic?

    I just did something similar with the external for my Tivo HD, but I used the manufacturer's boot disc diagnostics(WD data lifeguard, DOS).

    The 4 year old, 1 TB drive "passed" the test. Took almost 24 hours though(?). No issues on start up when reconnected.

    You might double check the cable and connections. Sorry I can't offer more.
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    Seeing that the HD only accepts certain WD drives, and apparently queries the drive's firmware (not platters) for an acceptable ID string, it's unlikely that Windows did anything to interfere with that.

    Of course if Windows screwed up the drive's bootpage/partition map, perhaps the TiVo is returning the wrong error message, although you'd think it would be set up to say "it's the right drive, but there's a problem with it".

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