Can't get DirecTV to activate replacement THR22

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    Aug 12, 2004
    I've been on DirecTV since 1994 and using a THR22 unit for several years now (since they came out). My THR22 died last week and I picked up a replacement, 300-hour unit from WeaKnees, where I've bought several Tivo items before.

    I got it hooked up and got the activation message (711), which I expected. Called DirecTV and their "skilled technicians" (haha) say they can't activate it. I literally talked to over a dozen of them yesterday (most in India, apparently) and they say there is no order from DirecTV so they can't activate. This is BS since WeaKnees is an official DirecTV retailer. WeaKnees says it's because I'm on the new AT&T billing system, which locks out 3rd party retailers.

    Has anyone run into this situation? It seems crazy; all they have to do is enter the receiver and card numbers into their system. I've been with them almost 35 years but if they don't activate this and I have to return it, I'll just punt DirecTV. My wife wants to keep the Tivo interface, and the unit I got from WeaKnees is 300 hour capacity, much bigger than the DirecTV option, AFAIK.

    If I punt DirecTV then I'm hoping we can just fall back to our old Series 3 unit, which we have been using for OTA (anybody know if I can have Spectrum (ex Time Warner) cable hook it back up if I decide to go back to them?)

    Thanks for any input.
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    DiWrectv is nothing like it use to be !!
    Good luck getting anything through DiWrectv powered by ATT&T

    There own DVR's are so buggy (documented) that they don't know how to fix them..... So trying to get them to activate "your" DirecTivo is probably going to lead you in to HOURS on the phone talking to endless CSR's / TSR's and in the end you will most likely have to give up.
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    Call this number and tell them what has happened.
    the customer loyalty department at 1-800-824-9077.

    But one thing I would be leery about is since you are not replacing the receiver directly through Directv they may try and sock you with a 2 year agreement since you are "adding" a receiver (in their mind) and not replacing one through their channels.

    Oh and sidenote...your math is off. 1994-2018 is 24 (25) years, not 35 ;)

    And yes you should be able to use the Series 3 on Spectrum

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