Can't change remote codes on 2 Tivos

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by EdH, May 20, 2013.

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    I'm having a problem. I follow the directions to hold both Tivo and Pause buttons on the remote till the light glows steadily; point at the Tivo to be changed; press (1 or 2 depending); and then right arrow.

    I've got an S2 and Premier at the same location, and would like to get the S2 to work on the 2's and the Premier to work on the 1's. I also have a peanut remote with the 1-2 switch.

    On the Premier the remote code in Sys Info shows "1 (IR) (RF)" but it still responds to both the 1 and 2 setting on the remote! Why?

    The same thing happens on the S2 which is set for the 1's code.

    In addition, the code change on the Tivos seems to be temporary! When I go back to Sys Info to check it is often back at "0" and I have to re-program.

    I must be missing something; but what?

    Once I get both Tivos working as I'd like I want to switch to a Harmony remote. Can these be programmed for 1 on the Premier and 2 on the S2?


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    According to this both Tivos are set to remote code 1 and so are both switch positions on the remote.

    Are you completely blocking the IR receiver on the Tivo that you are not programming at the time?
    Are you navigating to the system information screen when you are setting up the remote code and then exiting that screen before using the other Tivo?

    FYI - You don't have to use code 1 for position 1 and code 2 for position 2, you can use any one of the 9 remote codes for each of the dvr switch positions (but not the same one for both)
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    Remember 1/2 switch doesn't mean address 1/ address 2 switch, both sides of the switch come set to zero, each has to programmed for different address from 1-9.

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