Cannot pair Cable Card with Spectrum/TWC

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Tim Greenwood, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Tim Greenwood

    Tim Greenwood New Member

    Jul 13, 2017
    This is a long story, but the conclusion is that after several attempts and cable cards we (me and cable card support) cannot pair the card.

    Here are the details

    1) For over year we have had a TiVo Premier working (reasonably) well at a vacation house in NH with Spectrum.

    2) For several years we had a TiVo Bolt working well in MA on Comcast.

    3) Last week we sold up in MA and moved up to NH for about 4 months. I took the cable card from the Premier and attempted to pair it in the Bolt - first repeating guided setup. It failed - sits waiting for CP auth. The MKS time which should be 360 seconds sits at 600. After some effort from cable card support it will go to 360, but almost immediately returns to 600. They scheduled a technician to come round.

    4) On Wednesday night the technician arrived and his first words were "I don't know anything about TiVo" - which was true. I knew far more about solving the problem than he did. He left me a new cable card that someone had given me.

    5) On Thursday morning talked with someone in cable card support who claimed to know what the problem was and that fixing it with the old card (which he had taken) would have been simple - resetting the host id - but that the card he had left had an incorrect setting that they could not change.

    6) On Thursday afternoon two more techs, including an older supervisor came with a new cable card. They called cable card support (to my surprise they have to go though the same menus that I do, no on company back door). They called called card support and got someone who said "I don't know how to pair cable cards"!

    7) This morning I called cable card support again and got someone sounding more capable, but who could not complete the pairing. In these, the TiVo was plugged into the digital tuner - they said that it did not matter whether tat or directly to the wall.

    8) I then switched the card back to the Premier - but once again it would not pair. This time the cable card tech did say that he had seen this problem before, but no idea how to fix it.

    I have been a TiVo user since the original Phillips days going through a number of upgrades. Right now I have no ideas other than going to one of Spectrum's own DVRs. When we move back to MA, and Comcast, in three of four months I will try the Bolt again.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences - and especially does anyone have a solution?

    - Tim
  2. mdavej

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    Aug 13, 2015
    Needs to be "unpaired" from the Premiere first.

    For simplicity, you may just want to get a second card and return the original one.

    What do you mean by "digital tuner"? Are you talking about a Tuning Adapter?
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  3. fcfc2

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    Feb 19, 2015
    Submit a request – FCC Complaints
    File the complaint and in a couple days you will hear from someone who will then find one of the few people they have who knows how to fix these things.

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